Sunday, January 15, 2012


John Paul found my nursing cover in a pile of things we hadn't been using and decided to put it on.  Then he wanted something to nurse...  So he happily got the baby doll out of the toybox and held it up to his bellybutton under the nursing cover for a little while.  He turned around and said, "Nurse? Ceciwia?" I told him no, Cecilia can't nurse from him because he can't be a mom, but maybe he'll be a dad someday. 

So we talked about the things daddies do for their babies - he decided that he would like to give the baby a bath, just like Dad.  So I told him to take the baby to the sink in his toy kitchen. 

Let's just say, it's a good thing he's not going to be a father anytime soon!

First he shoved the baby's face under the faucet and pretended to pour water on the baby's head for a while (baby has no name, by the way).  Then he needed soap, so I gave him some pretend soap (made out of air...).  He took it and rubbed it all over the baby's face, then smushed the baby so that its whole body was in the toy sink.  Then he ran to the middle of the room, lay down on the floor, and closed his eyes for a few seconds before going back to get the baby out of the sink.

Thank goodness that's not how bathtime works!

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  1. What's with the idea of lying down and closing his eyes for a few minutes in the middle of bathtime? Weird.

    Is it just me, or is he advanced in playing pretend at this age? He didn't pretend anything until he got his play kitchen, did he?


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