Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maxi Dress Roundup

In honor of my favorite maxi dress biting the dust (I got 2 years out of a $12 dress, I'll take it!), I'm rounding up some of my favorite maxi dresses on the internet to try to decide on a replacement.  Think you can't pull off a maxi dress?  Here are 8 ways to make it work - I really think it's a style that can work for everyone, even shorties like me!


Modcloth - Forever 21

I'm so tempted by that paisley number - I think the colors would work great for fall too, and it looks sooooo nice and breezy for summer...
And stripes:

(ohhhh I love those stripes)

Top: Modcloth - Forever 21 - Forever 21
Bottom: Gap - Forever 21 - Lands' End

And solids:

Modcloth - Gap - Lands' End

A lot of these I would probably only style as skirts (see anything with spaghetti straps or strapless), most need a cami underneath for modesty's sake, but a great maxi dress is SO perfect for summer, and really all year round!  

I love the two convertible dresses from Gap - wear them as a maxi or a dress, folding over different amounts to change the length.  These are SO great for a post-partum mama, because they're stretchy enough to fit any amount of belly, or the panel helps smooth things down a bit if need be.

You should be able to scroll over to see prices and click if you want to learn more - let me know if you try any!  I'd love to hear what's working well :)  I can't decide if I can justify buying any of these right now - I have a wedding to go to in September, think any of the Modcloth dresses will fit a 7-month-pregnant belly?
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