I link up with Hallie when I can for her Five Favorites link-up - here are some of my favorite posts:

Toys for the Under-5 Crowd
Music:  Five Favorite Children's Music CDs

Five Favorite Awesome Inventions

Five Favorite Cloth Diaper Must-Haves

Want to know what else we're really into right now?  Here are a few of our current favorites:

Want your baby to sleep through all the obnoxious noises throughout the day?  We have two of these white noise machines and they do an awesome job masking sounds!

Can't get baby to sleep on your own?  This cradle swing has been an absolute lifesaver, especially with the twins!

Need an easy craft for your older kids?  These water beads are a total blast!

Pair these craft sticks with velcro dots and you've got a fun way for kids to make geometric shapes!

And this wipe clean activity book totally got John Paul excited about writing!

Links to Amazon products are affiliate links - I really appreciate you purchasing any products through these links, as we're currently saving up to buy new car seats for the twins!

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