Why we keep these kids...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's face it, the only reason we keep having kids is because they're funny.  Cute, too.  But mostly funny...  Here are some of the most recent gems:

John Paul, kissing Elizabeth good night:  I love you, Elizabeth!
Me, tired that the babies get all the love:  Maybe you could kiss me and tell me you love me...
JP, kissing me and jumping up and down with excitement:  You love me!!!

See how excited?


Cecilia, out of nowhere:  A jawa in our HOUSE!
Me:  Was there a jawa in our house?
Cecilia, giggling:  Yeeeees!
Me:  Where is the jawa?
Cecilia:  Um, in da basement!
Me:  What was it doing in the basement?
Cecilia:  Um, it comed up da stairs. 
Me:  And then where did it go?
Cecilia:  To da guest room!
Me:  What did it do in the guest room?
Cecilia:  Read books and take a nap!  And it NOT be scawwy!


Cecilia, on the potty:  I'm makin' a whole poop family!

Wouldn't YOU be excited?


Cecilia:  Jesus gave da pewno (piano) book to John Paul and me!"
Me:  ... Jesus gave it to you?
Cecilia:  And John Paul!!!

Thanks, Jesus!


I heard Cecilia wailing in bed at 6:20 AM and went in with Mary Claire to check on her...

Me:  Cecilia, why were you crying?
Cecilia:  Um...  Because... 
She sees Mary Claire and immediately perks up
Cecilia:  I needed a BABY!!!

Good thing Mary Claire's a good sport...


Cecilia, about to dip some toilet paper in the dirty toilet water:  I'm just cweanin' myself off!
Me:  NO!!!  We NEVER clean ourselves with water from the toilet.  There's poop and pee in there and you do NOT want to wipe those on your crotch.

I flush the toilet with Cecilia still on it

Cecilia:  NOW I may DWINK it!!!
Me:  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I have found her drinking from the toilet before.  Thankfully it had been flushed recently...)

Good thing she's cute, because she's pretty disgusting...

It seems most of these gems are from Cecilia - lately John Paul has mostly been trying to learn to skip count by all the numbers from 1-20.  He has them written down on a sheet of paper and takes it with him around the house singing them in order.

Because he's normal like that.

But lately he's been trying to make what are REALLY funny jokes to him, like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...  100!!!  uproarious laughter

So normal.  Just SO normal.


John Paul, reading over my shoulder:  What's "Oh-bam-a?"  (rhyming with "pajama")
Me:  He's our president.
John Paul:  Who is he?
Me:  The President of the United States.
John Paul:  Oh.  He's the 44th!

No surprise there, kid memorized the hand-me-down president placemat we have...


Cecilia, climbing into the crib with Mary Claire:  May Cwaire, you want me to be your toy?  And YOU bite ME!!!

My most fashionable child.  She picked out those pants and shirt and John Paul exclaimed, "OH!  She MATCHES!"


Andrew, pushing Cecilia on the swing:  One, two, three...  BUTT CRACK! (because her pants were falling down)
John Paul:  May I please have a butt crack?
Cecilia:  Another butt cwack!!!

It reminded me of the conversation John Paul and I had a year or so ago, when he asked what I was eating (brownie)...

John Paul:  Mom is eating...?
Me:  Poop.
John Paul:  OH!  I want some poop!  May I pweez have some poop???  Wittle piece of poop?  I want poop!!!

And there you have it.  Please know that only a miniscule portion of our day is dedicated to talking about defecation.  It just tends to be the funniest portion of our day...


  1. I love the "I needed a baby!" comment! LOL! In our house babies make everything better too!

    1. I have to make sure I get her up from her nap with a baby, otherwise she's fussy the rest of the day!

  2. The toilet water cleaning is my favorite and the whole poop family. Sometimes my two year old will follow big brother to the bathroom and ask if he's gonna do a poo poo and clap loudly and say "goo job Michael"

  3. Bathrrom commentary is totally normal around my house too! actually, not just my house. Benjamin likes to loudly announce that I get two M&Ms for pooping in the potty...especially when we are in a public restroom!

    1. Haaaaaahaha I'm sure everybody else in the public restroom is glad to hear about it!

  4. Agree, their cuteness and humor I'm sure is part of how toddlers survive.

  5. The poop family part made me snort my morning coffee.

    1. She used to name each individual turd as it came out... Most of them were called John Paul :P

  6. That poop family comment...oh my gosh..I'm dying of laughter!

    I love the "I needed a baby" comment too..that is too, too sweet.

  7. Oh, good, now they all want butt cracks. And Andrew gets annoyed at me for saying "darn" and "heck"—you kids weren't allowed to say "butt"!

  8. OMG...poop family. Must have been a high fiber day :)

  9. Love the title of this :). Cute, cute, cute!

  10. whole poop family. lol. sounds like something my kids...or husband...would come up with!


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