Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eyelet, Chambray, & Corn Starch {WIWS}

Skirt: Gap
Shirt: J.Crew via ThredUP
Belt: Banana Republic via ThredUP
Shoes: DSW

PS ThredUP is currently offering $20 for new customers if you sign up through my link, plus 20% off orders above $100, and free returns & free shipping over $70. They've really improved their site lately, making it possible to eliminate items with tiny flaws from your searches, and they've started adding measurements and washing instructions to some of the clothing. So if you haven't tried it, now would be a really good time!

Oh friends. I could sing the praises of this skirt (on sale! 40% off!) forever. (And the shirt too, but it's old and you've seen it. Well, I suppose you saw the skirt on Friday too, but what can I say? I'm a week behind on my WIWS posts...)

But you're not looking at the skirt, are you?

Instead we have Cecilia with "Mickey Mouse ears" and Mary Claire pretending to chug from John Paul's chalice.

My life. Right here. Minus all the boys, that is...

Mass this morning wasn't our best, wasn't our worst. The girls both desperately needed to use the potty but were able to wait until the homily (sorry Father, John Paul chose front-and-center and we had to make a very unceremonious exit and entrance). 

And Mary Claire was personally offended every time the congregation beat her to saying any response or prayer. 

"No, ME!!! *pause* AND WITH YO SPIWIT!!!"

But she had pigtails so at least she looked cute while she hollered at everybody?

When we got home from Mass, John Paul got everything out for a corn starch goop science experiment. "Wait until the twins are napping so they don't make a mess!"

Obedience is not his strong suit.

I'm still trying to get it out of all the cracks and crevices in the table. On the plus side, it doesn't stain clothes? Mary Claire and Elizabeth were eating it by the spoonful and dripping it all over themselves.

Because what's more delicious than powdery white sludge?

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Winos, Perfect Skirts, and Cucumbers {7QT}


I heard suspicious sounds in the kitchen on Monday and found John Paul on the counter, corkscrew in hand, with the foil off a bottle of wine.

He denies that he was trying to open it, but I kind of doubt it... Maybe he needed it to say Mass properly?

The worst part? It was Merlot.

Come on, kid! You've got to have better taste than that!

In my defense, we only had Merlot so that we could make sangria with it. We do NOT drink it. Yuck. Dry red wine only over here!


A couple weeks ago I posted about some sale items at Gap that I had ordered and in case you were wondering how they turned out, here's how!

This eyelet midi skirt is amazing (and comes in black, also). I'm wear a size small petite and the length is perfect - it's available in regular and tall also. The price was awesome (40% off when I bought it, so less than $25 for a really well-made, fully-lined skirt with pockets) and I think it's going to be a favorite for a LONG time.

I sized up on this eyelet sweater and probably didn't need to - I'm wearing a medium but I love the drape and dolman sleeves, although it's hard to see in this picture. Definitely fits on the boxy side, but that's on purpose. Keeping this one and I anticipate wearing it a lot this fall, winter, and spring.

I got this v-neck linen tee in two colors and really like it so far - it's soft, the drape is perfect, and it breathes really well. I'm not certain it's the type of piece that will last a long time, but on sale it was pretty inexpensive so if it only lasts a year I won't mind too much. Definitely on the see-through side, so needs to be layered but I always wear tank tops underneath my shirts anyway so that's not an issue for me.

I was so close to loving this side-zip boatneck tee - really nice fabric, love the color, but the zippers on the side were just not falling ride with the width of my hips. I sized up to a medium for this one and think it would fit someone with more of an apple or straight shape a lot better. 

I was hopeful that this fluid tunic would be able to replace a top I have that really should have been retired ages ago... But it was too thin a fabric for what I wanted, and I think the fit would be much better for someone who's pregnant. So pregnant mamas, go for it! The price is definitely right. Not for me, though.

This slouchy dolman sweater was also one I had high hopes for, but it ended up hitting right at the thickest part of my waist and was VERY unflattering.

So that's that! Definitely check out the other skirts they have though - there are some really beautiful pieces and they keep having pretty big sales going on.


In baby news, Peter's pulling up on everything. Of course.


John Paul and Cecilia had a BLAST with his birthday Kiwi Crate (and we're all really looking forward to the next 5 months of the subscription, thanks to Andrew's awesome dad and his wife!) and we enjoyed the lemon-limeade that we made with the recipe (Andrew and I spiked ours. Shh...).

It kept them quiet for 2 hours during naptime. I don't think you can put a price on that.


Oh and more naptime quiet tips? I'm getting so high tech, I got this bluetooth speaker for a pretty hefty discount on Amazon Prime Day and the big kids have been listening to library audio books on it in their room while I control the audio from the living room - no more messing with the chapters and losing their place! 


We planted English Cucumbers this year and I ADORE them. So sweet, tender skin, fewer seeds than regular cucumbers. I'm going to plant a million next year, I could eat them all day and so could the kids!


Sadly it looks like last week's push for more Facebook likes has reached its peak - stuck at 453 (it *was* 454 but I shared an old NFP post and lost one), so I guess the romper post isn't happening. Oh well! Thanks to everyone who liked & shared - there's a week left in July to hit 500 but I'm not holding out hope so I guess you'll just have to imagine me in a bunch of rompers ��

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Birthday Balloons and Mass Celebrations {PHFR}


The sum total of the decorations I made for John Paul's birthday party this past weekend:

The bunting is still up, and will likely be up for a while because it's just so cute and festive!

The balloons started deflating the next morning and the whole thing got dismantled by John Paul... But it was fun while it lasted!


Both on the day of his birthday and at his birthday party a few days later, he blew out his candle before we finished singing to him and then laughed as if it were the funniest joke EVER!

Which, of course, made it pretty darned funny.

Also, how do you like that fancy cake plate? I call it "the cardboard Costco box it came in" - we're fancy around here.


A friend found him a chalice for his birthday and saying Mass is WAY more impressive when you're using a fancy chalice and not a green plastic cup.

You like the fancy vestments? Fleece, baby. No-sew. Maybe some day I'll make him nice ones, but these are working great for now!

Right now he doesn't want to be a priest, though. But he's 6, so he's got time to discern ;)

It was a private Mass - Cecilia pulled her chair right up to the altar and told me, "This is just a very, very small Mass and I have the only chair and it's a *special* chair" and since she's the one who set up the altar and prepared everything, we'll let her have that.

Mason jar cruets. For the hipster priest.

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