Music Education In the Home

I'm a former choral music teacher with a strong devotion to music in early childhood and creating a family culture based around music. You don't have to be a homeschooling family to add a little more music into your daily life! Here are some easy ways to incorporate music in your home:

First, an intro: Developmental music aptitude - what is it?

Singing with kids - how to encourage healthy singing in even the youngest children, including ideas of where to start.

Home music resources - our favorite songbooks & CDs.

Building your instrument library - what basic, high-quality instruments can you incorporate into your home music study without breaking the bank?

Singing the liturgical year - our favorite hymns to sing as a family, broken down by liturgical season, along with hymnal recommendations for home use.

Family music at home - add structure to your days with virtual music classes for ages infant through 7+. We've done these in person, but schedules don't permit that anymore, and online classes are a great option!

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