Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twincesses Break the Internet

You'd never guess, looking at these faces, just how much mischief these little golden-haired beauties get into.

Stripping naked and running around in my heels because they're pretending to be Barbie?

Not them.

But now you know how they play with my mom's antique Barbies...

Pouring water all over the bathroom to see how far it splashes when they're standing in the sink?


That puddle of pee in the bathroom sink? Well, at least it wasn't on the floor.

They've NEVER just yanked chunks out of each other's hair for no reason. Nope.

And the clothes just fell out of their older sister's dresser and got thrown all over the floor.

That marker all over their clothes? Well. My fault for letting 3-year-olds use markers, really.

Really, the cushions on the rocker upstairs *needed* a thick coating of diaper cream.

It's really nice having a twin, though - one conceives the mischief, the other carries it out. Have a sudden need for animal crackers? Just voice it, and your twin will open the pantry door, bring a chair over, and you can get the bag down for BOTH to enjoy!

Heaven help us all.

Twins: Not for the weak.

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