He Bear, She Bear

Monday, September 30, 2013

So Katrina is hosting a link-up aaaaall about boy pregnancies vs. girl pregnancies.

This is one of the things that fascinates me more than anything in the world!  I am all. over. this.

So here's some info (including, perhaps, a little TOO much info for some of you) on my pregnancies:

Pregnancy 1:  John Paul

Intercourse a few days before ovulation = boy.  See, I read somewhere that male sperm swim slower and live longer.  And I'm not linking to the study because I don't feel like finding it - you know how to use Google :P
Edit:  Okay, everyone on the internet says I'm wrong - and I probably am...  But it worked that way for us, so clearly it's not 100% predictable!

Morning sickness was brutal.  I spent weeks curled up in a ball on the couch, vomiting several times a day, ALWAYS in the morning while brushing my teeth, then usually after most meals if I ate too quickly or didn't eat while lying down.  The only things I could stomach were canned pineapple, oranges, animal crackers, and pretzels.  Around 16-20 weeks things got a little bit better and I was down to the puking while brushing my teeth and that was it.

I pretty much didn't want to eat any meat except bacon.  For some reason I started liking Cheez Whiz.  I ate a lot of boiled potatoes with cottage cheese, McCain Ellio's frozen pizza, Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and frozen burritos.  I also drank probably 2.5 gallons of milk every week because I loooooved it so much more while pregnant!

Birth story starts here, if you're interested...

Pregnancy 2:  Cecilia Therese

Intercourse the day of ovulation = girl.  Apparently female sperm swim faster and live a shorter amount of time.

Morning sickness wasn't too bad.  Definitely a much easier pregnancy than my first, plus I started out weighing about 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight with John Paul, so I didn't get as big. 

Same food aversions & cravings - lots of the things I used to eat as a kid, no idea why...

Birth story here

Pregnancy 3:  Elizabeth Anna & Mary Claire

Morning sickness...  In between the first and second pregnancies.  So we were both perplexed - no way of guessing gender based on conception date, morning sickness wasn't making it obvious either way, I was just FAR more exhausted than with the first two pregnancies.  And carrying quite a bit larger, but I figured that's just because it was my 3rd pregnancy in as many years, you know?

Well, when we found out at about 30 weeks that we were expecting twins, I kind of knew that they *must* both be girls!  After all, my morning sickness was pretty much double that of my pregnancy with Cecilia, but nowhere near as bad as with John Paul.  And, shocker, I was right!

And once again, same food aversions and cravings - once I find out what I can actually stomach, I don't branch out much!

Birth story here

So I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to figure out what we're having with any subsequent pregnancies, although I'm sure things could be totally different whenever we have the next baby (or babies...)!

And now let me know - are there any burning questions you have for me?  Anything goes!

WIWS: Missing Makeup, Makeshift Muumuu, and Secondhand Chic

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gotta love sleeping in, except when it results in a rush to get ready!  Elizabeth and Mary Claire were both up to nurse at 6:15, so I took Elizabeth to bed to nurse and Andrew took Mary Claire.  Well, Elizabeth and I fell asleep and Mary Claire did NOT...
Fast forward to 7:30, and I finally wake up and get Elizabeth up to find out that Mary Claire has been up for more than an hour!
Now, the thing with twins is this:  It's all well and good to let one sleep in when they're not on any sort of nap schedule, but once they're on a regular schedule, you MUST wake the other twin within 30 minutes or so of the other, or schedules are ruined for the day!
So we'll see how today goes...  They both took almost nonexistent naps while I was at Mass with the big kids, so hopefully they'll take long-ish naps in the afternoon.  Except we'll probably have to wake them to go to the parish picnic this afternoon.  So...  Early bedtime?
Anyway, that late wake-up meant I had to rush to get breakfast ready and shower and get dressed by 8:15.  Hence the missing makeup and makeshift muumuu - no time to check the outfit in the mirror!
I do love pattern mixing but I don't really think it worked this time...
I was thankful for my veil this morning for entirely vain reasons...  The comb in our bathroom has disappeared, so I had to throw my hair up in a wet messy bun and the veil covered the tangles nicely!

Despite my outfit fail, John Paul and Cecilia were both pretty darned cute in their secondhand outfits - I love consignment stores and consignment sales for the kids!
Their Mass behavior was decent...  John Paul once again started getting very upset that he still doesn't get to receive communion.  And I reminded him that fussing about not receiving is a VERY clear sign that he's not ready for his first communion!
Cecilia saw a VERY large bug under the pew and started loudly exclaiming, "Dere's a bug in Mass!  Dere's a BUG in MASS!!!"
But you know, no fighting, no serious temper tantrums, so it could have been worse.
Have a blessed Sunday!  This post brought to you by a borrowed activity table that has been occupying all 4 children for the past 30 minutes...
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7 Quick Takes - Miscellany

Friday, September 27, 2013


It seems that, despite years of avoiding it, I'll be entering smart phone-land soon.  The screen on Andrew's phone broke a year ago, but he hasn't gotten it replaced because it's too expensive.  And then the glass started flaking off more rapidly, so I gave him my upgrade (I've had the same flip phone for the past 5 years), but then he had to change our contract so now there's data for both of us and I'm getting his old (non-broken) phone. 


Really the only reason I want a smart phone is for faster texting and for instagram.  I'm going to avoid installing facebook or anything like that because I know I'll spend too much time connected to the internet otherwise.  But I seriously doubt I'll ever go back to the old flip phone once I make the jump to a smart phone...


So many great ideas in the comments of Ideas for Mass Survival with Young Kids!  Do you have a tried and true formula for when the little kids outnumber the adults?  We've got our parish picnic coming up on Sunday, so maybe we can meet some old ladies who pity us enough to help out with the kids during Mass...


You read Moxie Wife, right?  Hallie's post this week really struck me, and is one of my all-time favorites:  When Your Kiss is Met with a Cold Shoulder

Life with twins is hard, friends.  Overwhelmingly stressful because there is NO sleep, NO free time to be had because every minute of not nursing and not holding a baby is spent washing dishes or doing laundry or spending time with toddlers and there are times when the sleep deprival is so unbearable that I just CANNOT fake it and I'm always amazed that not once has Andrew met my snapping with snapping of his own, but he takes the kids away and gives me a few precious minutes to find some way to calm down. 

Early in our dating relationship (and maybe in our marriage?), I'm sure we both would have escalated problems like this into an all-out fight, but this man is so good at keeping the peace and knowing how I need to deal with conflict.  He has always been the more mature one, and I need to make more of an effort not to be the cold shoulder!


Whew!  And on that note, some funnies from this week...

Cecilia saw the nearly-empty box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and asked for one.

Me:  You know, it might be empty...  No, it wasn't.  But it might have been!
Cecilia:  Could I pweez eat the cwumbs?

So I gave her the box and she went to town trying to lick the icing off the bottom.  Simple pleasures, right?


And speaking of simple pleasures, I rinsed out an empty creamer bottle and John Paul spent HOURS on Wednesday playing with it in the sand and water table, filling it with water and pouring it into various cups to make "coffee" and then using it to fill the watering can and watering the plants.  He always begs to help pour the creamer and stir my coffee in the morning, and now he can pour as much as he wants, although it's muddy water instead of creamer...

Terrible pictures taken through the screen because if I had gone outside he would have wanted the camera!

Off to garden!


The babies LOVE peek-a-boo.  Love it.  LOVE.  IT. 

Seriously, I know all babies like peek-a-boo, but none of ours have loved it as much as these two (particularly Elizabeth).  The way their faces light up with glee the moment that cloth touches their heads is incredible! 


I have no pictures of Mary Claire this week, poor thing has been absolutely accident-prone!  She's got two bruises on her forehead, a bruise on her leg, and has smashed her mouth and made herself bleed twice.  And it'll only get worse when she starts walking...  Yikes!

Although Cecilia has been pretty accident-prone, too - maybe it's something in the air?  She fell down the stairs the other day and has a huge rug burn on her back.

At least John Paul seems to be in one piece, although I came home yesterday afternoon to a strong smell of rash cream.  Apparently he had taken the tube of rash cream and applied it to his hair AND Cecilia's hair.  He told me it was hair gel.  And Cecilia says he tried to get her to eat it, too.

Well, I tried very hard not to laugh.  And they still smell like it, even though their hair has been washed.  So apparently it's time to find some sort of hair product for John Paul?  I'm thinking if I fill a little spray bottle with water, that'll be enough for him.

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Cox Farms Outing!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is the little girl who, last year, sobbed at the sight of goats and refused to touch them, demanding to be taken out of "goat village" at our very favorite fall tradition.

And this year she told me she was scared, and that she would maybe need to cry, but she was actually willing to be put down and THEN she actually TOUCHED a goat!  Not one, not two, but THREE baby goats!

But ONLY baby goats, because they don't have horns and she was still VEWWY scared of the horns.

And since it's still relatively rare for our family to go "out" anywhere, I'm linking up with Cari for Theme Thursday: Out.

She also awkwardly followed this scary chicken-man around, waving her 2-year-old wave and then giving her poker face when she was offered a picture with it.

We got caught in a torrential downpour after a few hours, but it stopped pouring for just long enough for the kids to pause for a couple more photo opportunities (and grab an apple!).

And we even got rain checks, so we'll be going back for free when we get the chance!
Do you live in the DC area?  You MUST check out Cox Farms and their fall festival!  It's a total blast!

No Magical Formula - Ideas for Mass Survival with Young Kids

Monday, September 23, 2013

I'll tell you right now what this post is NOT:

It's NOT a post reminding you about how it's okay for kids to make noise during Mass - others have said it much better than I can!

Nor is this a post about cry rooms, pro or anti.

Nor is this a post with a magical formula to help you get your kids to behave during Mass.  Believe me, I've read way too many posts with "The Answer" and nothing has worked for us.

"Sit in the front" they say.  Ah yes, and then leave the 2-year-old and 4-year-old up there alone while we each take a yelling twin to the back?  And at a church in the round, what's more conspicuous than the front?

"Keep children on your lap until they're at least 3" they say.  Yes, but what if we only have two laps and 3 children under the age of 3?

Here's the thing:  I have no answers.  BUT I have some tips that sometimes work for us, and if they work for us sometimes, maybe they'll work for you sometimes?

They might be no-brainers, but maybe you'll learn something new!  So share this with your friends with young kids, and share your strategies with me!

Where to sit?

The front might work for you.  The back might be better.  The middle might be best - try different things out and see what works.  But regardless of where you sit, try these tips:

Get to Mass early!

It's hard.  I get it!  And sometimes it's impossible.  But if you can get to Mass just 5 minutes early, you can usually stake out a pew without too many other people around.  THEN you're giving fair warning to anyone approaching:  Danger, small children in this pew!

If they choose to sit near you at that point, it's their own fault.  They were warned, after all!  And often you'll get the other young families, or sympathetic old people.  So if they glare at you, just assume that it's just a curious look, and they don't realize that their "at rest" face tends to look rather judgmental...  Don't worry, there's a surgery for that now!

Sometimes they can't help it!

Look at your seating arrangement!  Are you separating your bickering children or letting them sit next to each other to fight?  Older children need to stay put - there should be no seat shuffling unless there are extreme circumstances.  In the event that John Paul and Cecilia end up next to each other, it's only a matter of time before they start fighting over who gets what book or crayon or wipe or whatever they choose to fight over.

If you have a roamer who's afraid of strangers, sit on one end of an already occupied pew - if you block your roamer (Cecilia, in our case) from the aisle, there's no way she'll venture toward stranger territory at the other end of the pew!

Accept help from strangers!  There's a nice old lady sitting behind you who has been flirting with your babies all Mass long.  Suddenly it happens - your 2-year-old skirts past your defenses into the aisle and starts walking towards the front, taking her dress off in the process (yes, this happened to us).  That old woman is itching to hold a baby, and if she offers, accept immediately!!!  Maybe you'll make a friend who's willing to help with your kids every Mass! 

(Incidentally, if you know any old ladies or the like who want to help with our kids, we live in Northern Virginia - please send them my information!!!)

What to Bring?

Amazon links are affiliate links - thank you so much for your support!

Bring supplies!

But be smart - please don't bring a bunch of hard plastic train cars that will be dropped with a loud clatter over and over!  A soft Noah's Ark toy works really well for young babies, or soft rubber teething toys.  Anything that, when dropped, WON'T roll to the front of the church!


Oh, and my contribution to What We're Reading Wednesday this week!

I try to keep our Mass book separate from the usual home selection so that they remain a novelty for as long as possible.  I love this series:

Lift-the-Flap Bible - Bible Adventures & Lift-the-Flap Nativity are also awesome!  The flaps are super-sturdy, and there are so many that they keep young ones entertained for quite a while.


Print some mass-themed activity pages!  John Paul (age 4) LOVES these.  If you can, bring triangular crayons so they don't roll away if (when) they're dropped.  John Paul loves his MagnifiKid, too.

We've had good luck with bible-themed activity books at the Dollar Tree.  And it looks like you can find them on Amazon as well - I might try this one for John Paul. 

When we know Mass will be particularly long (Christmas & Easter especially), I try to get something extra-exciting like a sticker book.  John Paul was PERFECT on Easter because of the resurrection sticker book he got in his basket!

I'm adding these to my wish list, that's for sure:



Just no.

Unless your child has serious health issues that make it necessary to go no longer than 60 minutes without eating, PLEASE don't let your children eat in the pew.


They ALWAYS drop something (and then my kids find old stale cheerios on the floor and eat them, or find a fruit snacks wrapper in the hymnal holder and wonder why THEY didn't get fruit snacks?).  And if they're old enough not to drop something, they're old enough not to need to eat.  I cram them full of food before Mass.  Nursing babies can nurse until they're old enough to make it through Mass without (which depends on the baby).  Sippy cups with rubber bottoms *can* be okay, depending on the baby. 

What to do:

Discuss proper Mass behavior frequently.  Discuss consequences for inappropriate behavior frequently.  FOLLOW THROUGH with your consequences (our kids must apologize to Father for bad behavior after Mass, forgo any treat, and are sent to their rooms upon our return home if they're really bad). 

Bribe if you need to, and if it works for your children.  Money to put in the poor box, a doughnut after Mass, getting to go say a special prayer at the altar rail...

Auntie Leila recommends engaging children in quiet time each day in which they are required to sit in one place in order to prepare for situations such as Mass.

Wear a baby, or be ready to - if you need to take a toddler out and can't leave your husband with two infants and the other toddler, it's very helpful to be able to slip a baby into a stretchy wrap or buckle the baby onto your back in an Ergo so your hands are free if said toddler needs to be dragged/carried out...

If you need to wear two babies, you can try that too!

Don't get too wrapped up in regressions - sometimes John Paul is terrific for weeks at a time and then has a truly terrible Mass, at which point I often start despairing that it's just so hard to take our children to Mass and we must be convincing all the young couples not to have children because they're all terrible.  The same thing that worked last week may not work this week - such is the rule of children.  Roll with it and hope for better behavior next week!

Dress up.

It gets the kids in the mindset that Mass is something special.  It makes your family look like you actually put effort into your appearance, and therefore any misbehavior isn't your fault, since clearly you at least have enough control over your children to get them dressed properly.  And it will make you feel better about things, because who doesn't feel good when they look nice?

If we can get four children under the age of 4 dressed and ready for Mass in time to leave by 8:15, you can too!
And if it gets really bad, don't feel terrible about tag teaming.  We sometimes have Masses that I leave feeling completely defeated, as though nobody has ever had a more difficult group of children to deal with, and having a Mass with *just* the older two children reminds me that we just need to get through this stage (and perhaps the next) and then we'll be able to go to Mass as a family without feeling as though we distracted everybody horribly, including the priest.

What do YOU do?

What are your best tips for getting through Mass with multiple young children?  Specific products that help?  Strategies that are no-fail for you?  PLEASE share!  If you've found the magic formula, I'd love to hear it!

WTWS - What THEY Wore Sunday!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well, this morning was certainly interesting...  I woke up with Mary Claire and went to sit on the couch to nurse her when she burped and spat up a little, and then projectile vomited all over the floor.  Awesome.  She was VERY happy about it, so I guess that's something?
So I was going to skip WIWS this week, but Andrew got the babies dressed so we decided to go to Mass as a family this morning (I've been going with just the two older kids while the babies nap, and Andrew goes later).  It was pretty disastrous - I cried, partially because Cecilia slammed the kneeler on my leg, and partially because we were soooo late and stressed and the babies are VERY vocal and it's embarrassing because then the big kids think THEY can be loud and the glares, ohhhh the glares...  I just don't think there's any way Mass could possibly be harder than it is with two 10-month-olds, a 2.5-year-old, and a 4-year-old, NONE of whom behave.  I mean, I'm sure it could be.  But right now it just seems like nothing could be harder than this!
So I got the camera to take pictures and John Paul locked the memory card and broke the switch to unlock it, so we had to use Andrew's phone to take pictures:
Because, the ruffle socks!  And the REAL shoes, which we just started having them wear yesterday because it's getting colder and they're getting closer to walking!  So we had to take pictures, obviously.
She knows how cute she is!
Cecilia has been wearing her Easter dress pretty much every week - as long as she's not throwing a temper tantrum about having to get dressed, I'll allow it.
And of course she posed with a mouthful of food.
Anyway, you can sort of see what I'm wearing, but not really...  It's a repeat, so who cares?
Later on we went out to a park nearby and went hiking in the gorgeous weather.  The kids had a blast!
Oh here's what I wore for our hike, so I guess this counts as WIWS too!
Don't ask me why John Paul is lifting up his shirt.  I have no idea...
Anyway, it's the same Old Navy jersey pencil skirt I've been wearing all summer, and I like it a lot with slouchy sweaters and tunic-length tops.  It kind of fills the void left by the lack of skinny jeans, you know?
After this morning things have gotten a lot better - Andrew took the babies out for most of Mass so I only had to deal with John Paul and Cecilia, we had a fun outing AND topped it all off with Krispy
Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple - Happy Sunday to you!

Quick Takes: The twins - 10 months!

Friday, September 20, 2013

We hit 10 months on the 14th, so how could I not give you a general update on life with the twins?


Elizabeth has finally decided to figure out how to get herself into a sitting position whenever she wants.  Before she was crawling too fast everywhere and would sometimes perch sideways on her elbow, but I don't know if it's that she didn't *want* to sit, or if she just hadn't figured it out yet.

In any case, she can do it now and figured it out pretty recently:

Of course, it doesn't last long before she's off to bigger and better adventures!

Do you see that HAIR?  It's really there, it's just so fine and light that it's almost unnoticeable!

Both babies absolutely ADORE our Ikea tent.  Seriously, if you've been wondering whether you should get one, it's been one of their favorite things for MONTHS!  They spend hours playing peekaboo with each other, with me, with John Paul and Cecilia, they just go in there to play with toys, it's the cutest thing ever!

And the amazing mischievous grin I get...  Love it!


Elizabeth has continued with her VERY STRONG FEELINGS about all the things at all times.  Something is either THE BEST EVER AND SO SO SO FUNNY or it is SO SO SO BAD AND WHY WOULD WE MAKE HER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER???

Sometimes I like, leave the room for a minute to go to the bathroom and I'll hear a waaaaaaaaailing Elizabeth crawling towards me for a few feet before she just collapses to the floor in tears because she's so overcome that she can't even CRAWL anymore!

And then other times Cecilia starts sobbing or Mary Claire starts sobbing and Elizabeth thinks it's the funniest thing ever and starts laaaaaaaaaaaughing and doing her terrifying shriek and making them cry harder...

She's still not a great sleeper - she'll sleep through the night sometimes, but mostly she's up earlier than I'd like and is just in our bed for the rest of the night.


Mary Claire is more vocal about her opposition to things than she used to be, but she's still generally a more chill baby.  She still sleeps better (usually she's down around 7 or 7:30 in her crib and sleeps until 4/5/6 AM), and has been mostly right on with Elizabeth in terms of development.

She also very clearly calls me "Mom" or "Mama" which is kind of surprising to me...  Cecilia was an early talker, and I knew Mary Claire would be because of all her babbling, but I didn't expect any meaningful words until later.  She also very clearly mimics whatever sounds we give her, and is pretty sure she can say a lot of other words but "Dat" doesn't really qualify as "Ball" or "Block" or "Cracker" in my book...

No, I don't always let her suck on Cecilia's bows...



The twins are still nursing a LOT.  We've upped their meals to 3/day, although not a lot gets eaten...  Still baby-led weaning, and we'll go for a blood draw tomorrow to see if their iron levels have gone up enough to avoid a supplement.

Elizabeth has 4 teeth, Mary Claire was sticking with just one but all of a sudden two more popped through!  So she's catching up slooooowly.


They've been playing better together and with John Paul and Cecilia.  I looooove seeing how much fun they have with each other, and am beginning to see how having 4 kids this close together really does have its benefits because they'll never NOT have someone to play with!

Yes, Cecilia put her pillow in the tent.  She doesn't use it on her bed, so I allow it...


They're keeping me on my toes!  They've been standing on their own for a while, but I think it'll be quite a while before they walk still because I've hidden all the walking toys and haven't tried to let them walk holding onto my hands.  They both cruise pretty well, and I'm hoping we've got a month or more before real walking occurs.

Aaaand they've also decided recently to master a few less-than-desirable skills.  Mary Claire started climbing the stairs.  An hour later, Elizabeth started too.  So out came the playyard that protects the Christmas tree, and it's set up in the basement so that I can have a little child-free cooking time in the afternoons while the big kids watch TV.  It worked for about 20 minutes yesterday, and I'm hoping it continues to work!

Because this is what happens if they can see me and know I'm available:

They *could* pull up on anything.  But why pull up on just anything when MOM IS HERE!!!

So there you have it!  I can't believe we're almost at one year...  John Paul is VERY interested in their birthday party and apparently won't let us get away with just inviting family...  So I told him we could invite the babies' godparents and their kids, and he's happy with that.  Whew!

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PHFR: 9/19

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter for this week's {pretty, happy, funny, real}


They sure think they're pretty!  I need to actually attach this mirror to the wall, because they absolutely adore giggling at their reflections in it!


Well, this certainly made me happy - John Paul got all the things down necessary to make the two of them trail mix for snack, gave each of them a handful of nuts, raisins, craisins, and banana chips, closed the bags, and put them all away.  All while I nursed one baby and Cecilia played with another!

Then he took their plates to the table and moved their chairs so that they could sit next to each other.


It's like they're conspiring together!
But mostly they're just stealing each other's toys!

And another {funny}:

I told her to smell the flower, hoping for a pretty picture...

And this is what I got!


They sure love their dad!  And a recorder never fails to entrance a baby.

Check out more {pretty, happy, funny, real} posts at Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Potty Talk

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seriously, these are all conversation we've had in the bathroom.  So...  Skip it if you don't like poop talk?

Cecilia:  What comed out of my cwotch?
Me:  Pee came out.
Cecilia:  And what makes pee?
Me:  The things you drink, like milk or water.
Cecilia:  NOT wine.
Me:  No, you don't drink wine.
Cecilia:  Just Jesus dwinked wine.  And John Paul.  I just dwink water and milk!

That might explain why he can never swing straight...


Cecilia, smushing her tummy together:  I have no bewwybutton.  A ape ate it!


Cecilia, looking down at the products of her defecation:  Oh!  I see a man and a woman in my poop!


Cecilia, smushing her tummy together again:  A ape ate my bewwybutton!  Or maybe a cheetah...  I saw a cheetah in my sweep.  In my dweams, and it was a nice cheetah.  It was NOT mean!


Cecilia, during a 5:30 AM bathroom break:  My pee comed out fast!  A cow poops in da hay.  Wemember when we went to Cox Farms when I was a baby?  And I ate a snack on da hill when I was a big girl!


John Paul, bursting into the bathroom when I had had the audacity to close the door:  You get no privacy, Mom!!!
Cecilia:  What are you doin' Mom?  Are you poopin'?  I want to see your poop!  Wow Mom, you had a wittle poop!!!

And they wonder why the whole reason I work part-time is so I can go to the bathroom by myself...


Cecilia:  Mom, may I pweez come in da bafwoom?
Me, sitting down:  Well, you're already in here...
Cecilia:  You have a big booty, Mom.  Because?
Me:  Because I'm a grown up.
Cecilia:  And I have a wittle booty.  Because I'm a girl!
Me:  Yup.
Cecilia:  I want to see your poop!


Cecilia:  How many months old are May Cwaire and Ewizabif?
Me:  10 months old.
Cecilia:  And when dey have deir birfday, how old will dey be?
Me:  They'll be a year old!
Cecilia, whispering:  And dey not be dead...

Then I guess we'll never find out if she has the sixth sense...

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