Saturday, July 14, 2012

A futile attempt...

Cecilia has been...  atrocious during Mass lately.  Today she decided to hop on the pew repeatedly during the consecration.  Awesome.

So of course, after Mass I discussed with her the fact that hopping at church is ALWAYS inappropriate.  I asked her, "Did JESUS hop during the Last Supper?"  To which John Paul cheekily replied, "Yes?"

So now she keeps saying, "Jesus...  HOP at Mass!  Jesus...  HOPppppT!"

And there's no way to stop her now, because it's so freaking hilarious.  Hopefully she'll forget by tomorrow!

1 comment :

  1. ::giggling very hard:: She's pretty darned funny. I didn't think anybody could be funnier than John Paul, but that's sort of like thinking one couldn't possibly love a new baby, because one already loves the others so much, huh?


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