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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John Paul had been eagerly anticipating his birthday for over a month...  He talked about it every day, discussing the fact that there would be hot dogs, cupcakes, balloons, and presents.  And he would be III!

So when I asked him how old he was that morning when he woke up, I was a bit confused by this...

"Two years old?  Go back to July 14th?"


He got over it pretty quickly, especially once we got back from Mass and he got to start playing with his presents.

Like an awesome tent, into which he brought his new toy mailbox, complete with letters and stamps.

We had family over for cupcakes and snacks - John Paul was especially excited about all the letters!

And the candles were pretty awesome too.

Especially after blowing them out!

Cecilia looked on while John Paul got started on his cupcake...

And eventually demolished her own!

And by demolished I mean "ate the icing."  Neither of them ate much of the actual cupcake, perhaps because they're not used to super-sweet processed treats.  Fruit or yogurt are typical desserts (for the kids) in our house.  

John Paul picked the letters off his cupcake and then asked for the letters off of everyone else's...  And only ate a bite of the actual cupcake.  Eventually he went back for a bite at a time over the next few hours, but he still didn't finish the cupcake!

The letters turned his tongue red, which was pretty exciting.

Then he went over to see his uncles (whom I don't think he has ever had in one place before).

And was surprised by their strength!

Not quite sure how to feel about it...

But ultimately, he decided that it was a good thing!

He got Magic School Bus books from Uncle Patrick & Aunt Leigh Ann (and we've been reading them NONSTOP.  He and Cecilia get the glasses out of their doctor kit so they can both pretend to be Arnold...).

Andrew brilliantly got a Mickey Mouse birthday balloon, since the kids are newly obsessed with the character (letting them watch morning cartoons on vacation will do that...).

And the biggest hit was homemade playdough from Grandma!  We've been playing with it every day and having lots of fun :)

Cecilia frequently evicted Uncle Dumptruck from his seat, ordering him to rock her.  The softie obliged, of course!

And we finished the day with a new rhyme from Grandma!

A low-key birthday celebration, definitely what I prefer.  I wonder how long I can keep things to the bare minimum like this...  Are we eventually going to start having to have two separate celebrations, one for family and one for friends?

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