Monday, April 18, 2016


Elizabeth (3) doesn't nap anymore but she clearly still needs it... Every once in a while we'll look over at the couch around 4 in the afternoon and see that she's quietly fallen asleep!

John Paul (6.5) is pretty obsessed with the vacuum, to the point where he's actually willing to *clean* the living room in order to get the rug clear enough to vacuum!

Peter (17 months) saw John Paul vacuuming and thought that was the BEST IDEA EVER! So he grabbed the dust buster and trotted around the house "vacuuming" in his adorable toddler way.

Cecilia (5) finally seems to have convinced Peter that snuggling her is a good idea - he's now running over to her to give her bear hugs and climbs on her lap at the little table!

Mary Claire (3) doesn't like having her hair done very often, but when she does, her perky toddler ponytail always makes me smile!

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