13/52: From the Cutting Room Floor

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We've been victims of the stomach bug that keeps on giving - I'm finally over round 2 and I *think* all the kids are on the upswing, but wow. That was a doozy. And as a result, there weren't a whole lot of pictures taken, so here are some from the past few months that didn't get posted:

Cecilia (5) invented an amazing game involving getting Peter to sit on a blanket while she dragged it around on the floor. He thought it was HILARIOUS, but he thought it was even more hilarious to crawl off the blanket so that she would get upset... Little instigator!

John Paul (6.5) is one of those kids who's usually blurry or making a horrible face in pictures, so here's yet another shot of him making paper airplanes!

Nutella-faced Mary Claire (3) likes to accessorize her pink gingham smocked dress with an argyle cardigan. Because really, she wasn't preppy enough.

Cecilia invented another game where she put Peter (16 months) on top of a box and sang a rhyme she made up:

Little King Peter
Sat on his teeter

And I can't remember the rest. But I got sick of him falling off the box, so away it went and the game was over.

Elizabeth (3) might sparkle more than any child ever.

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