Wednesday, April 27, 2016

16/52: Giant Dirt Pile!

It's not often that you have 10 tons of topsoil delivered to supplement the horrid Virginia clay in the garden, and I really couldn't *not* suggest the kids go out and play on it, particularly since it happened to be Earth Day...

Elizabeth (3.5) insisted on wearing her hair in a single pigtail, and cared not a bit about getting her pale pink leggings dirty.

Cecilia (5) accessorized with a noodle necklace (also a handy snack!) and instigated a king of the mountain sort of game.

Which was Mary Claire's (3.5) favorite, as she scaled the mountain over and over again and asked somebody to push her off.

Cecilia dragged Peter (1.5) to the top of the mountain, shoved him off once, and realized that perhaps it wasn't his favorite thing...

And John Paul (6.5) apparently started the "dirt in your hair" game, which then devolved into dirt angels, dirt in pants, dirt... Everywhere.

The bath water was particularly lovely that evening.

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