Saturday, December 29, 2012

After a rather short but exciting Advent, we adults were all ready for Christmas!  The kids were excited about Baby Jesus and presents, but still reluctant to leave our Advent preparations behind.  We're still trying to wean them off of "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
John Paul got an awesome Yoda hat

Cecilia asked for new bows and ot some in her stocking!

And speaking of stockings...  We all (except for the babies) have our own coordinating personalized stockings, which I was pretty excited about.

Somehow we ended up with a 10-foot tree because there weren't any smaller ones left by the time we got ours on the Friday before Christmas!  The kids were SUPER excited to see all 3 nativities (Little People, Earth Craft, and Rubber Duckies) set up WITH Baby Jesus in the manger!

The babies?  Well, they nursed/slept through the festivities, which meant I sat on the couch playing with our new camera.

But see?  There I am in the background, doing what I do best.  And that's where I sat for almost all of Christmas (and that's where I sit about 95% of the time anyway).

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