36/52: Beach Week!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

We went to the beach! In typical homeschooler fashion, we took advantage of post-Labor Day prices to get a good deal on a house on Lake Michigan so that we could visit Andrew's relatives and also have plenty of beach time for the kids. Sadly, the weather was cloudy and cool almost the entire trip... I don't think it broke 75 all week! But the kids didn't mind and insisted on going in the water anyway, fully clothed on some days, the weirdos.

The only day I brought out the big camera was the day we met up with friends at the beach, the warmest day we were there! They had an absolute blast, and it was hilarious watching Edith chase the very tame seagulls. She ended up venturing pretty far from us just to try to catch the birds!

Eventually everyone settled down and remembered that they prefer playing in the sand more than in the water. They're pretty annoyed that vacation is over and we're back home, and tell me they wish we lived at the beach! I, however, do not mind no longer having sand everywhere (particularly down my shirt, why was there always sand down my shirt??), although I do miss the central air conditioning in the rental house a bit...


  1. Seeing kids play at the beach in September is so fun.
    Weather is SOOOOO different here in Oregon on the Pacific Ocean that even in July and August, you can't spend time on the beach in a swim suit because it around 65 degrees. There is the occasional day that its warmer then 70, but even then it can be windy. Our beach rules are...No "real" shoes and no clothes with pockets because they always end of full of sand....and so does the van!!

    1. No clothes with pockets is a good rule!! We ended up with water shoes full of sand and I don't know that they'll ever be the same...


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