7/52: Little Kid Time

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Apparently last week I took almost no pictures... Whoops! Most of the kids were sick, so I spent the majority of the week consoling fussy Lucy and using every extra second to work on our home library reorganization project (posts to come!). The only evidence I have of our existence is these two pictures of Peter and Edith reading on the couch together. It's pretty sweet, he's showing her all the hidden pictures in his little "I Spy" book and she is really into it!

The two of them have been playing so sweetly together, I love it - while I mostly don't mind when they want to tag along while we do school, it can get a little annoying when Edith insists on narrating the readings, but can't actually do it properly and spends several minutes asking me to feed her sentences to say back to me... Good practice, maybe, but time is at a premium when Lucy is trying to rip books out of my hands and throw them on the floor!

So when she and Peter decided to set up a very elaborate "Ewok Village" under the piano, I encouraged it! They played quietly while I got school done with the other kids, and even though I had to address Edith as "Ee-chop" for the majority of the week (including addressing Valentines to "Ee-chop" as well), it was worth it for the many hours of peaceful playtime, only occasionally interrupted by screams at Lucy, who insisted on crawling under the piano and dismantling their carefully arranged Ewok picnics.


  1. I still think Peter took the cake in insisting on being addressed as Narwhal and then as Pelly. Ee-chop is humdrum compared to those two names.

    1. Edith was Patsy Panda and some other things for quite a long time... And don't forget that Peter was also Kylo Ren for probably a month in there!


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