9/52: Baby Chub, King Cake, and Soap Carving

Friday, March 6, 2020

These pictures feel like they're from forever ago! Did Lent really only start last week?? We had our annual "finish all the New Year's Eve appetizers in the freezer before Lent" Mardi Gras dinner and it was a big hit with the kids, as usual. I think this was the tastiest King Cake I've ever made! Definitely no going back since I discovered this sweet dough recipe at Christmas. File it away for Easter cinnamon rolls, you'll thank me then!

I managed to get some pictures of Lucy doing what she does best: finding trash on the floor and eating it. Ugh. Peter and Edith spoiled me, they were not the kind of babies who shoved everything in their mouths, but to Lucy, everything is food if you try hard enough! Good thing she's so cute.

The twins learned about soap carving in their Atlas Crate, so I bought a $4 pack of Ivory soap to let everyone try. It was... Interesting? They definitely enjoyed it, although there was a lot of frustration because chunks of soap kept breaking off. And now we have a container full of tiny soap pieces that keep ending up all over the house. I don't think this is an activity we'll be doing again.


  1. That king cake looks delicious! Definitely saving for Easter rolls.
    Lucy is so adorable, even if she is a trash eater. My 18 month was a trash eater too...still is at times. I just hope Lucy hasn’t found the soap on the ground, she might love it! My trash eater will suck on the pumpable soap at bath time if she’s quick enough. Yuck.

    1. I don't *think* Lucy has found soap on the floor before but Edith definitely did at that age! She did NOT like the taste, but still went back for more... Babies!!


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