52/52: Christmas Tree Time!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Our Christmas tree is still up and going strong! It will be WELL past its prime by the time Andrew willingly removes it from the house come February, but for now we're all enjoying the twinkle lights. Edith and Lucy have been taking down their favorite ornaments and engaging in very elaborate playtime scenes under the tree, which makes me very glad that I've spent the last several years purchasing nothing but unbreakable ornaments! Lucy is pretty certain that these are her own private toys, and is incredibly angry if she catches someone else playing with her favorites... It's a volatile situation, that's for sure!

I spend a lot of time telling Edith that she'll be much, much happier if she includes Lucy in her play, and teaches her how to play the way Edith likes, rather than shriek and snatch all the toys away from her. Sometimes it works? Lucy is finally, FINALLY willing to play on her own for longer periods of time, but she mostly wants whatever the other children have. They've taken to designating certain toys as "decoys" that they can give her in order to get her to leave them to their own devices. It's diplomatic, that's for sure. 

Right now I'm having flashbacks to when Cecilia and the twins were these ages, because Lucy has been having me read the "My First Little House" picture books to her frequently, and Edith of course listens in whenever possible. So now the two of them are Mary and Laura (with the exact right temperaments for the two, Edith being calm and well-behaved, Lucy the wild child) and they spend lots of time setting up pretend trains on the couch just as Cecilia and the twins used to. It's adorable!

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