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Monday, August 6, 2012

We've just been doing a LOT of good playing/sleeping lately...  Cecilia told me here that she was napping on the table.  She's been showing off her imagination every day and her vocabulary is exploding.  She played by herself for long enough during John Paul's nap that I got a whole batch of mac & cheese made from scratch AND answered a couple of emails!  

Now if only she'd keep these hair ties in her hair...  She needs her bangs trimmed but it's going to be a lot more work than it has been, so I'm putting it off and hoping she just lets me put her hair up to hide the scraggliness!

She's showing off her VERY strong will, too.  She's currently refusing to put her underwear on because she wants Elmo to wear it.  Any idea where to find cheap doll-sized underwear?

We had an argument a few days ago because she wanted me to say she was a boy.  It went something like this:

Me:  "Cecilia, is squeaky cow a boy or a girl?"
C:  "Weeky dow a BOY!  DIWYA a boy!!!"
M:  "No, Cecilia is a girl." 
C:  "Diwya a BOY!  Diwya be a ADDAH BOY!"
M:  "No, Cecilia can't be an altar boy because Cecilia is a girl..."

Commence brief tantrum...  I think I distracted her with a Cheez-it.


  1. Hey, you're back! I gave up and quit looking for you!

    What's an "addah boy"? Attaboy?

  2. Oh. I guess you edited it. Thanks!

  3. I would check eBay for doll's underwear. Also if you send me Elmo's measurements, I can look through my collection and see if I have something Cecelia can use for him.


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