Sunday, August 19, 2012

The kids were eating lunch yesterday when Andrew hugged me in the kitchen.  Apparently this is John Paul's sign that Dad's leaving for work (I'm almost always making the kids breakfast when he leaves), so he immediately said, "Dad's going to work!  Bye Dad!  Have a good day!"  Cecilia threw in her two cents, too, "DAD A WORK!  DADDA WORK!!!"  We explained to them that Dad wasn't leaving for work, and sometimes Mom and Dad just like to hug.

John Paul was perplexed.

"Mom and Dad to hug again?"

We happily obliged, throwing in a kiss this time.

John Paul giggled wildly, "Mom and Dad to KISS???"


"Mom and Dad to kiss AGAIN???"  This could have gone on for quite some time...

It reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to beg my parents to kiss each other, giggling wildly every time they did a "round-and-round" kiss.  I guess we need to remember that the kids actually LIKE seeing their parents being affectionate with one another!

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  1. I never did figure out why a relatively long kiss was called a "round-and-round" kiss. But anyway, I'm glad that your kids like seeing you being affectionate, too!


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