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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I will begin with the disclaimer that it is currently 13 minutes past when naptime normally ends, but the big kids are happily playing "Crucifixion" and the twins are sleeping for once, soooo I'm just gonna let them stay put...

Oh!  And the adorable baby?  Well, after leaking through his diaper onto my skirt (just pee, and not even that much so no, I haven't changed his outfit OR my skirt.  #fifthbaby) and then spitting up all over my arm (but NOT my shirt, so #win!), he decided to fall asleep on my shoulder.  

Because being put down is NOT acceptable when you're 2.5 weeks old.

And with that sentence, the big kids have left their room and Mary Claire is wailing in hers, so the baby is getting put down and this post is getting put on hold.  My anxious fans await, I know!

Cecilia wanted a picture with the baby.  John Paul wanted a picture of the creation he was making for the baby.  And yes, he has since gotten a hair cut!

5 hours later, and I'm back!  Wouldn't you like to know what I found in the big kids' room after nap?  Well, "nap."

See, they were playing their crucifixion game (which was especially funny to me when John Paul came dashing out of their room wearing underwear and a bow tie), and Cecilia was Mary but she was also nailing John Paul to the cross because it was just the two of them in there, so SOMEBODY else had to do it...  And apparently part of this game involved her feeding him while he lay dying on the cross.  So of course I found an empty plate in his bed.  And then a cup of water with a bunch of broken bits of crayon in it.  Also, two baby dolls buried under the sheets of John Paul's bed (put there by Cecilia, I'm sure).

So...  Weirdest crucifixion ever?

She hates him.

Today was my first day flying solo with all 5 kids, and it was a day that we actually HAD to get out of the house.  WHY???  Really it went quite well, except for the fact that I have to climb into the back of the van in order to get Peter in his car seat and buckle the twins.  There's really no possible seat configuration that DOESN'T involve me climbing in through the back, unless I can get John Paul to figure out how to buckle the twins...  

So we won't be leaving the house very much in the near future, but I think you knew that already.

This kid.  Smiles in his sleep, laughs in his sleep, and the moment I pull the camera out when he's awake?

So I'm gonna go ahead and claim the title of Mr. Photogenic for him right now.  

And with that, the little stinker is awake yet again, so I'm off.  Or at least I'll nurse him while replying one-handed to your comments on the last post, because I'm so very on top of things!

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