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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last year's recap post is one of my favorites of all time!  So even though I haven't really been able to blog lately, I'm taking advantage of dinner being made + baby napping + everybody else being at Costco and hammering out a post to recap 2014, thanks to Dwija's influence.


My most popular post from January was from my Mom Style, Winter Edition post.  I also keep getting hits on this post where I cut my own hair - evidently the internet REALLY wants to know if it's a terrible idea or not!  Well, I'm still glad I did it, although I am in serious need of a *real* haircut almost a year later, since it's been over two years since my last actual cut...

And that post has some serious picture gems - I think I'm gonna choose this one as my favorite, since it's just a glimpse of how crazy life was getting!


The Twin Birth Story link-up posted in February is one of the most popular on the blog every month.  Random outfit post got a ton of views, but my favorite picture (and one of my favorites of all-time) is from this post, in which John Paul and Cecilia got married...  To each other.


25 Meatless Meals for Lent was super-popular back in March.  But this picture (from this post) is probably most indicative of what life was like at that point in time:


April's most popular posts were tied - What We Wore Easter Sunday (answering random questions with pictures of Easter finery) & All the Questions (in which I recapped Easters past and asked you random questions)

Our family Easter photo is my pick for this month because hello, adorable!  And yes, the whole family's there - Peter made his presence known in a barely-there bump.


I thought my pregnancy announcement would have the most views, but it's actually this fashion post, in which I advise you on what clothing works best for the first trimester of pregnancy and will also work post partum (not to toot my own horn but I totally nailed it!  I pretty much didn't have to wear any maternity stuff once Peter was born, and I'm feeling great in my wardrobe right now!).

But I'm going to choose a picture from this post as my favorite - I still can't figure out their bemused expressions, but I love the little handful of weeds that Cecilia's clutching!  Definitely representative of this past spring :)


June's most popular post is this one, where I confessed to cutting Cecilia's bangs waaaaay too short...  Good news: She recovered!

And there's the proof...


My Why I Worked series got a lot of views, particularly the first post.  But this one on why I'm not afraid of my fertility blew the others out of the water, statistically speaking.

For some reason I never actually used this picture in a post until August, but it's from July: 


Evidently people really want to know about Twice vs. ThredUp, as that continues to be one of my most popular posts.

And this picture is my favorite - look at them all playing together and not crying!!!


I finished up my Why I Worked series, but the post with the most hits was a random one where I asked for clothing budget suggestions (update: We still haven't sat down to talk about a real budget, and I've pretty much just been getting stuff on Twice and ThredUp with credit from referrals).  My favorite post, though, was Cecilia's guide to raising a baby.  She's the funniest, seriously!

My favorite picture from September is from this post - it perfectly captures Elizabeth's personality!


I posted about the fear that we're the most obnoxious family ever and it really seemed to strike a chord with readers!  

Favorite picture?  This one from our trip to a local fall festival:


It was a big month!  Mary Claire and Elizabeth turned two, and of course Peter was born!

My favorite picture is from this post on how to hide a post partum belly:


Aaaand December...  Blogging has been light this month, obviously!  This post on life with 5 kids under 6 got the most views, but this picture of Cecilia from this post is my favorite - she looks so OLD!

Okay, I'm gonna finish up and not press my luck - go check out more posts at Dwija's!

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