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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well, I warned you this would probably happen, didn't I? Yup, I dropped off the face of the earth.  That's what happens when you don't have internet for weeks after moving, since phone blogging isn't great and I was single-handedly about to max out our data plan for the month...

Anyway, I could tell you all sorts of stories, like how I couldn't find Peter one day but then all of a sudden there he was, outside eating cat food! Or how I was so proud of myself for getting so much laundry done uninterrupted when I walked into the kitchen and saw Peter had opened the wood stove and was happily cramming ashes into his mouth while Mary Claire sprinkled more on his head. Or how (this seems to be a theme, doesn't it?) the twins were quiet for too long and I found them sitting on a white comforter in our bedroom, covered with blue eyeshadow. 

But then again, it's probably good that I couldn't blog, because things were rather rough, what with moving with 5 small kids who no longer have any sense of boundaries because it's a new house and therefore even if they weren't allowed to strip down and take bubble baths in the middle of the day in the OLD house, clearly they should be allowed to in the new house, right?

In any event, the twins are quite clean.

I could blog about how horrible our first official day of homeschooling was. And what a yelling jerk I've been because I think I adapt to change WAY worse than the 6-and-under crowd.

Or I could write about the fact that I thought we would be immune to any "large family" comments around here, since we're surrounded by big families and are no longer an anomaly... But the comments have been even more plentiful! Which I really don't mind, and it makes sense because people are MUCH friendlier around here. And even the pointing and laughing in the parking lot doesn't get to me because truly, if you saw a woman who looks approximately 20 years old pushing a cart with two little blonde girls in it, one hanging off the edge, a little boy trailing behind and THEN you realize there's ANOTHER baby on her back? Really, I'm practically a pack mule - we're an amusing sight!

Really, we're very happy and things are falling into place and going well and we're no longer at a horribly-messy-boxes-everywhere-going-insane sort of phase, so my sanity is definitely better. And it's so freaking beautiful out here, guys. But I have laundry to fold and a house to clean and have been at the computer for way too long...

So I'll just leave you with these pictures of my mom pulling the four youngest kids in the wagon while I made dinner. Because it's the cutest thing ever, right? Right.

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