Local Wildlife, Cooking Lessons, and Brunch Plans {7QT}

Friday, September 18, 2015


It's been over a month here and the kids (mostly Elizabeth...) are STILL excited that there are cows across the road.

And I realized that I don't think they'd ever actually heard a real cow moo... You know how sweet a toddler's moo is before they've heard a real cow? Really sweet. Now that they've heard a *real* cow, their moo's are MUCH louder, more nasal, and more likely to startle me. 


In other easily-amused news, I'm still pretty excited that Andrew and John Paul found a turtle shell when they were walking in our woods a few weeks ago.

Granted, we have a million turtles in our pond, so I suppose it makes sense that they found at least one shell near the creek... But still, this is more nature than we were used to finding back in the suburbs!

Cecilia made a body for it out of construction paper and insisted in inserting it inside. Now it lives on the homeschool bookshelf, paper head and all.

But I got them to journal about it! This was before we abandoned our nature notebooks, since Cecilia's had been turned into a "flower and fairy" notebook and John Paul decided it was too much writing. Maybe next year.


If it were a Calvin & Hobbes journal, he probably would have kept with it.

Oh, Calvin & Hobbes.

I remember reading them and thinking they were really funny. I never thought it would be a good idea to try the things Calvin does. John Paul, on the other hand...

Well, let's just say I'm glad that at least he hasn't tried the trick where Calvin shaves off the front of his hair to glue onto his lip as a mustache. But he's done plenty of Calvin's other tricks... There's a reason these books keep getting hidden!


I know, I know, more wildlife!

I found this turtle when I was weeding the overgrown garden beds a couple weeks ago (got them weeded! Planted herbs! Still haven't managed to find mint anywhere, but at least the sage is established and looking good, oregano will probably do okay, rosemary will probably die in the winter, and we'll see about the peppermint and thyme). I'm glad I didn't take it to the pond because apparently it's a box turtle and doesn't swim! I haven't seen it since I weeded, though... Apparently I messed with its home!

Conveniently, right after we had our box turtle adventure, I found this book about box turtles at the library - Jan Brett, so it's beautiful and the kids (mostly Elizabeth) LOVE it! I tell you, I would read anything and everything Jan Brett has ever written. Or at least look at the pictures. 


I think we're improving on the whole naughtiness issues from a couple weeks ago!

Well, *were* improving. 

Actually thought, they didn't make a mess at all! And didn't scream when I made them get off the counter! They were just eating their pretend chocolate chips and talking about the cookies they would be eating for dessert.

There were two cookies on the counter. And they did not eat them because they were saving them for dessert.

I just... They're not even 3. I think this bodes well for self-control in the future, right? Right???


This week's cooking lesson was making scrambled eggs (okay, I think we might do more than one cooking lesson per week, because he's actually getting pretty good at cracking eggs!). Before he was ready to do it, he told me what he thought the instructions would be:

1. Take a pan and put it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to, like, 8.
3. Crack an egg in it and just... Pile it into a lump?

I gave him slightly more detailed instructions. And everybody loved the eggs! Success :)


This last take was going to be all about homesteading plans. Then I realized that needs WAY more than one take.

See our future chicken coop? It's red, and many more experienced ladies assure me it's going to work great as a coop!

It even has a vanity and a record player so the chickens can stay pretty and do a little dancing!

Actually though, that barn is part of where we'll be hosting a Blessed Brunch! If you're in the Front Royal, Virginia area you should come - it's for all women, single and married, for some good old Catholic fellowship! We'd love to have you! October 10, and you can sign up to bring something here.

And I promise there won't be any chickens - we're not getting any until the spring!

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