12/52 {Easter}

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cecilia (5) was the absolute sweetest in her Easter hat, the only one of which actually stayed on because it has an elastic band. Note to self: Add elastic bands to the twins' hats.

Elizabeth (3) was very excited to find a Peep in one of her eggs, only to taste it and realize that it wasn't quite as delicious as it was cute. She played with it for several days before somebody found it and ate it.

John Paul (6.5) was incredibly determined on the egg hunt, but was terrible at finding any eggs. They all were, actually - we had to pretty much point out every single egg. One of the tricky parts about having an enormous yard to hide them in, but completely oblivious kids!

Peter (16 months) was SO excited to find his eggs, especially since they made noise when he shook them! 

Mary Claire (3) scarfed down her candy as quickly as she could, and amazingly sugar doesn't seem to have an effect on her. Perhaps because she's naturally totally insane?

Last year we (inadvertently) color-coordinated for the Easter egg hunt and it went really well, so this year we did the same thing and everybody got to hunt for their favorite color. It was so sweet watching them find each other's eggs and put them in their siblings' baskets! The problem is, there are only 6 colors of eggs in the packs we've found... So eventually our strategy is going to have to change!

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