13/52: Holy Week Penance

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It's become a family tradition that we make soft pretzels every Good Friday and dye eggs every Holy Saturday. Maybe it's too much fun for the kids? But it's absolutely penitential for me, so we continue.

I make a double batch of this soft pretzel recipe (with a different sauce or soup for dipping, and FAR less butter to coat, probably 1/2 stick melted to brush on them), divide the dough in half, and let the kids share their half while I shape the other half. This way they proudly eat their own mangled, spitty creations (because YOU try to keep them from licking their fingers) and the adults get to eat clean versions. 

As an aside, these puff up rather a lot upon baking, and could easily just be made into pretzel rolls to make things easier.

It was kind of sweet, the kids wanted to make lots of pretzel crosses, pretzel hosts, pretzel IHS letters... Then they started reenacting The Last Supper at dinner and things got weird.

Egg dying was pretty straightforward this year—I wasted money on the really easy kits that even came with cups, and it was well worth the $2. Only one cup of dye got spilled everywhere and I don't *think* any clothing was ruined! Now we've entered that time of year when everyone decides they actually DO like hard boiled eggs, only to peel and discard them when they change their minds. Or crumble yolks everywhere.

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