16/52: Pigtails and Mary Gardens

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Last year I said our Silver Wyandotte rooster, Handsome, was destined for the stew pot. Well, he's still here. He's just... So handsome! And not a nuisance like our other horrible rooster (named Darth Maul because of his creepy red eyes). We all get a kick out of watching Handsome strut around his territory, interrupting Darth Maul every time he tries to crow.

Andrew dug a ton of trenches for the potatoes we planted last weekend, unearthing tons of stones that I convinced the kids to carry to the Mary Garden to use for edging. Free! Fun! Industrious, and kept them busy for approximately 10 minutes! Edith watching, pigtails sticking straight out, and mostly didn't throw Play Doh debris into the garden, so we'll call that a win. 

So far we have daffodils, tulips, and anemones blooming, a new peony just starting to put out buds, lilies getting buds, and lemon balm and painted daisies coming back from last year. Peter planted a whole bunch of calendula seeds that seem to be coming up as well, so I think it'll be pretty full of flowers as the season progresses!

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