33/52: Last Days Before School

Monday, August 19, 2019

You would think that in our last days before starting school again in earnest, the kids would be relishing their freedom... However. More often than not, they were sneaking the school books to read them surreptitiously, starting new art projects, reading whatever library books they could get their hands on, breaking in any new workbooks (yes, a certain oldest child has already finished the first nine tests in his new level of math), and... Eating a banana while sitting on the kitchen counter holding a deflated beach ball? Well, most of these things are fairly typical around here.

The big girls pooled their money to buy Calico Critter mouse babies. You'll be shocked to hear that at least one is lost already. But with the mouse triplets came a foldout sheet of ALL the Calico Critter products on the market, and Edith has adopted it as her "newspaper." She lies on the floor "reading" it, sprawls her tiny body across a chair just like her older siblings, and basically mimics them in the most adorable fashion possible.

I have been enjoying this peach season immensely, even though we only got one small basket of peaches from our trees this year (bear. and bear again. We will try electric fencing next year). We got several bushels from a local orchard and while I only managed to put up 7 quarts (it is so HOT and we still don't have air conditioning), I froze gallons and gallons, and baked everything under the sun. Peach scones were probably my favorite (and what an excellent base recipe for scones, not too sweet, just right for drop scones, which I vastly prefer to traditional), but I also made peach crumble (halve the sugar in the topping) a few times, peach tart (no walnuts, sub peaches for plums obviously), and topped it all off with peach upside-down cake. A very fine peach season was had by all! Even Lucy got a taste of peaches and she is quite certain they are the most delicious thing that has ever existed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I should probably work off this excess peach weight (who am I kidding, apple season is here).


  1. I will have to checkout the peach recipes....I made one peach cobbler but no one really liked it, so large bowls of peaches and cream for dessert it is. Looking forward to all things apple!!!

    1. I don't like peach cobbler, it's always too bread-y! I never make it anymore, there's never been a recipe I've liked.

  2. I love peaches and growing up we canned them but now as an adult with only a window AC no way Jose. (I read your Twitter but I don't have a Twitter account. Anyway my hubby and I think most insurance companies are immoral because they care so little about helping people.)
    I don't know what a Calico critters are, and how do your sheltered homeschool kids know? (I'm a homeschool grad homeschooling my kids, don't take offense!)--MariaE

    1. I played with them growing up and the girls played with them at a friend's house and fell in love! They're not based on TV or anything else, they're just little animals, way better than Barbies or the like IMO ;)


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