31/52: Corn and Sun Hats

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Our sweet corn did not grow very tall this year (last year I think the stalks got up to 8 feet!) but the ears have started ripening and they're not too shabby! Some are still pretty small and I really need to get more harvested, but considering how low of a germination rate we got, I think we got an okay crop of corn. Of course the kids are ecstatic because they ADORE shucking corn. Actually they prefer the shucking to the actual eating... Mostly because Cecilia likes to make corn husk dolls, and because I guess there's something about the sensory experience that appeals to a lot of them. This year they "discovered" that they can wrap bits of corn silk in husks as a "snack." They call it "corn treat" and it's meant to be chewed and then spat out. Because of course.

Lucy just got some adorable hand-me-down sun hats from a friend of ours, and she's such an amazing hat baby I can't even stand it. She keeps them on! They frame her adorable face so perfectly! I was about to order a little white bonnet for her to wear to Mass but I think she has enough hats to cover our bases for now (little straw hats!! I MUST get a photo, they're amazing).

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