16/52: Nature Study-ish

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


The kids have been motivated to take long treks into the woods together during outside time because of all the new wildflowers they find blooming every time they go out. It's awfully sweet watching them pore over field guides together, trying to identify different plants. And they've been bringing little pinch bouquets in with them, painstakingly arranging them the way they watch me arrange our cut flowers. I love it so much!

Now I'm trying to convince them to take their lovely nature journals and watercolors out *with* them so that we can check formal nature study off my list... It's been fairly neglected this year, which I don't feel too badly about now that I'm watching them initiate it on their own! At the same time, I love seeing their artwork in their nature journals and don't want them to abandon those completely. It's certainly a balance!

I think I'm going to send them into the woods to gather a bunch of flowers for our Mother's Day bouquets (if you're local, you can email me to order! Click here for details on what we'll have for sale this weekend!) - it adds a little something extra to the cultivated blossoms, I think.

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