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Saturday, July 17, 2021


Okay, okay, I give up on these 52 project posts...

We've been reorganizing the house in preparation for the addition we're having built (yes, we're expanding from our current 1500sqft! It's going to be wonderful, but quite hectic too!), and right now the computer's home is on top of a bookshelf. Combine that with my very large (38 weeks!!) pregnant belly, which makes it difficult to have a laptop on my lap and type at the same time, and there's not a lot of blogging motivation! 

It's been a lovely summer though - just enough commitments to keep us from wallowing in overheated boredom, and lots of sweet sibling play as the dynamics change a bit. Lucy is old enough to hold her own with the big kids, and she and Edith have quite a few very sweet pretend play games that they spend hours immersed in together. My favorite is when they go outside together and just run from the raspberries to the blueberries to the wild blackberries, picking and eating as many as they can find, and coming in messy and juice-covered. I would not have expected Edith to be able to corral Lucy on her own, but she knows exactly how to get Lucy to do whatever she wants (most of the time), and Lucy's pretty darned amenable when there are berries involved. 

There have been many, many flowers as well - the older girls are getting better and better at their arranging, and know now to clip stems at an angle, strip the leaves, etc. Even Edith has become adept with the little scissors, and goes picking whatever flowers she can find as well. Our sunflowers are producing like crazy and we've got plenty for the CSA as well as lots for the table at all times! 

Peter's been going back and forth between acting the solicitous older brother and keeping Lucy and Edith entertained and getting VERY ANGRY that there's "no one to play with" since we've just got so many girls... But when we get together with families that have boys, he... still only wants to play with the older girls? It's a tricky stage! We'll get there.


  1. I've got an inbetweener right now, too. She reads a lot.

  2. Yay for more space! Our addition is quickly wrapping before #7. It’s been such a process but so great


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