Baby Photo Dump + Baptism Photos!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ah yes, nearly a month after I promised more baby pictures, I'm finally posting some! No birth story yet, I just haven't been motivated to sit down and write it because... It was a boring birth, honestly. I suppose I should write it just for my records, because it's helpful to look back and remember how things went. But I'll get there eventually.

The older kids are absolutely enamored of the baby - Cecilia and Mary Claire are very helpful baby-holders (and Cecilia can even get her back to sleep when she wakes up too early from a nap!), Lucy and Edith ask all the time to hold her (with quite a lot of supervision), and Lucy is still constantly trying to give her way too many kisses. I hoped that now, exactly a month after her birth, maybe the excitement would have worn off a bit? But no, she still wants to be touching the baby as much as possible all day long. At least she leaves her alone when she's napping, as long as I'm firm with her...

We got Margaret baptized on the 10th of August, so now if I'm on the ball we can celebrate the Feast of St. Lawrence AND her baptism day every year with some tasty grilled foods! Although I'm fairly terrible at remembering feast days and baptism anniversaries so... We'll see.

She is QUITE the prolific spit-upper, and I have even cut out dairy in an attempt to help but... It's not doing any good. We'll see how much longer I'm willing to keep this up, for the sake of experimentation. She's gaining fine, I think she's just a happy spitter? It makes her smell pretty bad all the time, unfortunately. But she'll outgrow it, just like Elizabeth did (she was the same way BUT wasn't gaining weight, so she went on reflux medication but didn't really start gaining well until I went back to work and she was drinking pumped milk). 

I have back to school pictures to share, too! Maybe I'll manage to blog MORE than once in a month this time!

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