Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Merry (4th day of) Christmas! I remembered I have a blog!

James is 10 months already, crawling all over the house, pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree, and clapping enthusiastically for the Christmas lights every time he notices them. I made my ugliest Bûche de Noël ever (and possibly the least tasty as well, I tried a new filling that I was excited about, it was extremely labor intensive, and it really only tasted okay, at best), and the rest of it is still sitting in the fridge ignored... John Paul insisted on the sugared rosemary and cranberries, which are pretty but not tasty.

Thus we continue the busy, full of festivities and cheese, days of Christmas. Hope your Christmas has been wonderful thus far!


  1. A beautiful family- I love the expressions on (Lucy's?) face and the freckles on others. How you manage matching dressing is amazing- and suit coats on the boys!
    Enjoy the Christmas season!

    1. The other kids wanted Lucy to take off her crown before the picture but it's too perfectly descriptive of our family dynamic!

  2. Merry Christmas Rosie! The kids are so beautiful and big!


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