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Thursday, October 15, 2020

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We've been trying out a new-to-us music program, Musik at Home, which is exactly the early childhood music program I wish I could provide for my children on my own! A Musik at Home Membership provides you with access to tons of videos and activities!

Years ago, back when we only had one child, my husband and I signed up for a "baby music" class at a local church. We had both majored in music, and we wanted to give our baby an amazing start! Yes, we were those adorably enthusiastic first-time parents who were taking our 3-month-old to a music class, but... He loved it. I promise, he really did! He was a pretty fussy baby, and those little songs and rhymes and bouncing finger plays we learned were often the only thing that calmed him when he was having a rough time.

I had a chance to observe a few music classes from the same program (Musikgarten) when I was getting my undergraduate degree in Music Education, and I really loved what I saw back then. As our family grew and we moved, it was harder and harder to find a good music class that was worth driving too, and once we had twins? Game over. There was no way I could bring four kids under the age of four to a music class by myself while my husband was working! I wish Musik at Home had existed back then!!

There are quite a few different class formats to choose from, but in order to include the most children possible from our family, I decided we would focus on Family Music for Mixed Ages, which is geared towards ages 1-5. I know all the children are eager to try out the series for ages 4-7, and I know our toddler would adore the Babies and Toddlers series! There's also a Preschoolers series for ages 3-5, and soon a Christmas series coming as well, with plenty of time for Advent.

Classes are structured in a familiar manner each time, with the same Hello and Good Bye song every time. It's recommended that you watch each class multiple times before moving on to the next class, and I definitely found that to be helpful in terms of retention for all of us! In order to have a little bit of an easier time, there's also an accompanying book and CD sold through the website, and I remember these being really nice to have when we were doing our classes years ago, but they were not included in our membership. You can also buy classroom materials separately, but I preferred just using what we had on hand - we have LOTS of scarves and egg shakers that the kids were happy to pull out, we used wooden planks as rhythm sticks, and each child grabbed a small stuffed animal to use in lieu of a bean bag. 

But here's the moment of truth... Did the kids actually enjoy it?

Yes, yes they did. They REALLY did. Lucy (19 months), is the most musical child we've ever had, and she's absolutely in her element learning all sorts of new songs and rhymes! She has been asking me to do solfege and rhythmic echoes throughout the day, and I hear her singing the songs we've learned through the videos when she should be napping, but is instead spending an hour serenading everyone in her crib. Edith (almost 4) is a little more reserved, and she prefers to stay close to me and snuggle, especially during the rocking songs. She's getting more confident, and especially loves to bring out her scarf and dance with it! Peter (almost 6) has decided he's too old, but once he realized the twins (almost 8) were including their baby dolls, he grabbed his and everybody rocked their baby dolls together! And Cecilia (9.5) acted like she didn't care and didn't want to be involved, but quickly took the role of "second mother" and kept Lucy on-task while I was tied up with Edith.

If you're looking for a unique family gift, a subscription to Musik at Home would be perfect for families with young children! There are tons of resources available besides the class series - individual song videos, singing games, music literacy tools, and more. We found this added a great way to structure our days when we added in a video after breakfast - the child in charge of putting away the dishes suddenly put them away more quickly than before, and everybody flocked to the rug to get their energy out in a productive manner before beginning the rest of our school day.

I highly recommend Musik at Home (and you know I don't say that about everything!) and think you would really benefit from it!


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