Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!

So we decorated the tree - John Paul's ornaments, surprisingly enough, ended up on the lower third of the tree.

He got to hang a lot of small wooden ornaments all by himself!

But he still needed a little help...

Andrew helped finish the tree and hang the instruments on the tall branches!

And here's the finished product, sans tree topper (which we STILL don't have!).  Notice the almost complete lack ornaments near the bottom?  Despite having hung them himself, John Paul couldn't resist taking them down to try to play with them.  So they all moved their way up to the higher branches.

Surprisingly enough, Cecilia was enchanted!

But not enough so to keep her from trying to get the camera from me...

And they both decided to look at it together.

Until John Paul decided he really needed a hug!

A frequent sight at our house...  The toddler tackle!

And here's the proud decorator!

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