Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is me whining...

It has been a rough day!  Cecilia's top two teeth are *this* close to breaking through, so she's been incredibly fussy all day long (and for the past several days).  This tends to set John Paul off too, because he has so much empathy is a big whiner anyway, and only needs the slightest excuse!  So after her nap we headed to Costco, which worked pretty well to make both the kids happy.  Who doesn't like samples, after all?

We came back home for lunch and I got the kids down for their naps.  Cecilia decided to take a rather short nap, and woke up right in the middle of me making meatballs.  Not fun.  Then she refused to go back to sleep (sometimes I can nurse her back down and prolong the nap for another hour) but kept fussing as though she wanted to sleep.

The ONLY thing she wanted to do was read "Mirror Me:  A Mirror Book" over.  And over.  And over again.

Now, I'm really glad that she's getting into books.  I love just sitting on the couch or lying in bed and reading to John Paul, especially now that he'll sit still.  But he has kind of spoiled me - he almost NEVER demands that I read the same book again immediately after we finish.  I usually have the next book lined up to read anyway, so he doesn't have the chance (why yes, we do end up with quite a few books hidden under the couch cushions at the end of the day!).

Cecilia, it seems, is not so easily distracted.  I read the book, with its heinous Baby Einstein illustrations.  She giggles the whole time because she LOVES it.  I put the book down.  SHE WAILS, and picks up the book and toddles over to me, pitifully pushing the book into my lap.

We read it again.  I pick up a whole stack of her other favorite books.  She calmly throws them all to the floor, then cries until I read the mirror book.

Rinse.  Repeat.  For probably an hour.

It could be worse, I know, but she's gotten so good at playing by herself while I cook/clean/do work that when I don't have that hour or so that I normally get in the afternoons to get stuff done, I start going NUTS.  And on top of it all, John Paul didn't nap again.

In a fit of good humor though, she discovered that open-mouth kisses are totally the way to go with John Paul.  They spent a good 5-10 minutes wrestling on his bed before naptime, Cecilia licking John Paul's entire face and sucking on his hair while John Paul giggled and tried to snuggle her in various positions.

This may be why he didn't nap...

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