Christmas Card Outtakes

Monday, December 5, 2011

After an exciting morning out (including trips to the Shrine, Target, and Chick Fil A), I decided that the kids were dressed cutely and it was nice out, so BY GOLLY WE WERE TAKING CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES!

I've been wanting to somehow get nice professional ones done for free, to help build some budding photographer's portfolio.  But it was going to be a lot of work trying to get somewhere and hope that the weather was good and the kids weren't cranky...  And trying to get a good picture of the kids PLUS Andrew and me?  Impossible.  So we decided to focus on the kids.  Let's face it, that's who people want to see anyway!

John Paul, of course, posed in his most adorable fashion for every picture.  Cecilia was a little tougher.  We even gave her a second chance while he was napping and ended up getting some cute ones.  Here are a few we decided not to use:

"WOE is me, all these leaves to eat and NOBODY will let me munch on even one!"

Andrew may or may not have decided to bury her in the leaves after she fell down...

Love that nose crinkle!

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