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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

John Paul has been making leaps and bounds in his Mass behavior lately - he's started staying in the pew without any fussing for the majority of the time (sometimes we have slight issues...) and can be quiet for the majority of the time as well.  He tends to read books a little loudly to himself though.  And he likes to speak VERY loudly when he's reading the numbers from the hymnal.

I think my favorite outburst ever occurred today during Mass, though.  I let him have a new book to bring to Mass, and he spent several minutes chanting, "Peek-a-boo shepherds" rather obnoxiously.  Then he decided he REALLY wanted to read the prayers with me (he is always VERY anxious to find "Lord have mercy") for a while. 

He was reading by himself during the consecration when he looked up at the altar and said excitedly, "He's eh-wa-vatin' the host!"  I nodded encouragingly and he said, a little more quietly, "He's eh-wa-vatin' the candles?"  I shook my head and he turned back to his book.  Then I tapped him on the shoulder and he looked up at the altar again.  "He's eh-wa-vatin' the chawice now!  He's not eh-wa-vatin' the host.  This is my body!  This is my bwood!"

I sure hope he's this excited when it comes time for First Communion!


  1. I must be the best Godmother ever!!

    I mean, you must be the best parents ever!!

    This kid is amazing.

  2. I gotta start teaching him Koine . . .


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