Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Favorite Saints

We've gotten into the routine of praying our own little Litany of the Saints every night before bed.  John Paul has been requesting certain saints for quite a while, but several have slipped in who aren't saints...  Some of my favorites:

"St. George, pway fo us.  Curious George.  Saint Curious George!  Pway fo us!"

"Fish...  Fish...  St. John Fisher..."  "St. John Fisher is not a fish."  "St. John Fisher...  is NOT a fish!  Pway fo us."

Then of course, there was St. Camel.  And he's been making saint jokes.  For instance, "St. Peter.  Pway fo us.  St. Paul Chung.  Pway fo us.  St....  Peter Chung.  NOOOO!  WONG!!!"

And his most recent joke during prayer, "What PWAY should we pwayer?  WONG!"

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