Cecilia's first ice cream!

Friday, May 4, 2012

It was GORGEOUS on Sunday afternoon, so I decided it was time to head out for a special trip...

To get Cecilia her first taste of ice cream!

She was perplexed.  

But kind of loved it?

I think the spoon was the most exciting part.

But I'm pretty sure she still prefers yogurt...

And John Paul might too, but I didn't mind eating his leftovers...

The best part was definitely reading all the flavors with him while he jumped up and down excitedly, proclaiming EACH flavor as the flavor he wanted!

Then we headed to the playground to burn off those calories.

John Paul, of course, went straight for the word building activity...

While Cecilia re-discovered the joys of bouncing on a bridge!

And of course, the kids did some awesome swinging.

I can't believe John Paul handles himself so well on a big kid swing now!  I'm always convinced he's going to fall off, but he's great!  Just needs to learn how to pump...

And of course, he found this and was VERY excited about it.  

"X!  10!  XX!  20!  XXX!!!  30!!!!"

Think he might be too big for the baby swings...  But Cecilia still loves them!

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