Happy Easter!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I mean, we're still in the Easter season, so I'm still allowed to post about our holiday, right?

I was pretty excited about our Easter outfits.  I mean, I've had my dress for years, but the boys were in matching seersucker suits and Cecilia and I both had awesome hats.

AND they had matching bow ties!

I sent them outside with bubbles so I could cook.  Cecilia thinks that's a "smiling" face.

Then, several hours later (and several layers of clothing missing), we were reading for an Easter egg hunt!

Because, you know, Jesus died on the cross so that we could eat candy.

No, seriously, the kids know the story.  Or at least John Paul does.  We don't do any "Easter bunny" stuff because the Easter bunny is creepy.  And not actually based on anything...  And we don't need to use "be good or the Easter bunny won't bring you any candy" as a guilt mechanism because instead we can use "be good because JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOUR SINS!"

Anyway, we had an Easter egg hunt.

And by "hunt" I mean I tossed a bunch of eggs onto the front lawn and it took the kids FOREVER to figure out what they were supposed to do.

But they finally got it and were excited!

Although it took even longer for them to realize there was anything IN the eggs.  Fruit snacks, marshmallows, raisins, and ONE Peep.

John Paul would open the eggs, cram any candy in his mouth, and leave the egg on the ground if it had raisins.  Cecilia ate all of those...

And we did a fair amount of dumping and "re-finding" the eggs, since that was apparently really fun.

I just love that dress!

John Paul found the Peep and was VERY excited.  As you see, he hasn't yet learned the concept of "small bites."

Which one to choose???


Everyone was out there helping.  I actually "hid" a couple, one in the crook of the tree, one on top of the hose...  But nobody looked there!

So I had to subtly point them out.

And Grandma thought there might be some buried under the wood chips...

This one had raisins in it.  It was quickly discarded.

But Cecilia was happy to eat them!

And there we are.  Andrew and I left shortly afterwards on our trip to England, leaving the babies with the grandmas!

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  1. Just make sure when they get a little older that they know what lots of other kids believe about the Easter bunny so they don't spoil it! Or maybe everyone will know anyway by the time they're 5 now because of the internet.


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