Happy Pentecost!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We celebrated with a church picnic (because we go to Holy Spirit, so it's their birthday!).  John Paul finally got the hang of the moon bounce, despite the serious face!

Cecilia spent most of the time crouching...

And then got scared and had to get off!

So we got a "snow cone" without any flavoring - big hit!

Andrew was there too...

John Paul showed his sharing skills - these kids are ALWAYS willing to share food.  Toys?  Not so much...

Just love that pensive face...

While grabbing a mouthful of ice!

And then it was time to stick her hands in a bucket full of ice water.

John Paul's favorite part?  The moon bounce and the band - he joined a group of teenagers for a while and danced circles around them, it was pretty hilarious.  And he was excited to eat a hot dog.  

Cecilia's favorite part?  The bucket full of ice water.  She played there for like, 10 minutes, and didn't want to leave!

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  1. Ice water, huh? Reminds me of two stories about Daddy's family. On two different trips to the zoo, one kid was really excited to see a squirrel. Another was excited to see a little girl. So yeah, ice water. Very educational!

    And John Paul's serious expression on the moonbounce reminds me of a similar expression on the face of three-year-old Rosie in the ball crawl. :-)


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