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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm in such an awkward clothing stage right now...  Most of my transitional wardrobe is beyond fitting, but a lot of my maternity stuff is just not working yet - it's pretty much either too warm or too tent-like.  I have found a few pieces that work right now, but I also just sent a BUNCH of stuff to ThredUp because there was just no sense in keeping it anymore when I don't ever ever EVER want to wear it.

See, the problem is, when I was pregnant with John Paul I shopped for maternity clothes that made me look HUGE, because I was so excited to be pregnant and WANTED to look huge!

Yeah, not the best idea.

Then I had Cecilia in January, so I had a bunch of fall & winter maternity clothes but not much for summer.

And with the twins, I pretty much wore that same stuff but didn't particularly like it...

So right now I'm figuring out what gaps I need to fill in my maternity wardrobe, and what I can skip in maternity and just buy in regular sizes!

This shirt (H&M when I was post-partum with John Paul - so flowy and awesome!) is about to be retired for the remainder of the pregnancy, since there is LITERALLY nowhere else for my belly to go in it...

Jersey Pencil Skirt - comes in solids and prints!  And also comes in maternity!
But the pencil skirt is still working surprisingly well!  Old Navy totally wins here - I've been wearing it since last summer and have had no issues with pilling or anything.  I think I'll probably look for it in a size up and in a different color, although they have maternity sizes too.

Maternity tank tops (or regular in a size up) + belly bands have been extending the life of some of my skirts, but there's only so much further they can go!

I love my old Target tanks (sized up) and Old Navy maternity tank tops - they've lasted through the last two pregnancies and post-partum phases really well, plus they're stretchy so they're nice and nursing-friendly!  Awesome layering pieces, and nice and long too.

Photo: The only child awake early enough to go to Mass with me...
Elizabeth was the only one awake early enough to come to Mass with me, and she was so SO excited!  We only had to leave the pew once, and she mostly just very loudly told me about all the animals in her Noah's Ark book, so I'll take it as a win.
Here's an example of an awesome but troublesome piece in my closet right now - this dress is J. Crew via Twice and is one of my absolute favorites!  Shapeless enough that a belt in the right place makes it perfect for post-partum and early pregnancy, zipper down the front makes it nursing-friendly, and the fabric works for fall, winter, and spring.  Buuuut not really summer...  And my belly's getting big enough that the dress is now just a little too short for comfort, especially when picking up babies all day!

But seriously, those stripes are amazing - look at that belly-hiding camouflage!

I'm still on the hunt for a great maxi dress, but I'll keep you posted!

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