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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I was looking through my albums from last summer's pants-free challenge and trying to get inspiration for outfits using what I already have - here's some of what I came up with this week:

Shirt: Forever 21 - an awesome staple that I wear all the time, although it just got retired for the remainder of this pregnancy! (similar, similar)

Skirt: Old Navy Maternity, from my last pregnancy (similar regular, similar maternity)

Same shirt last summer, not pregnant:

Contrasted with 22 weeks a year later:

And this outfit is almost exactly one I wore last year (minus the belt):

Shirt: Uniqlo (similar, not maternity)
Skirt: Gap (not maternity, on sale today!!!)

Same outfit last summer, not pregnant: 

Here's what I wore to Mass with the kids today:

Shirt: J.Crew Factory (not maternity) via ThredUp
Belt: Banana Republic via ThredUp (similar)
Dress: Motherhood Maternity (old - from my pregnancy with John Paul!) (similar non-maternity)

Similar outfit from last summer:

There's one thing I'm certain of, looking at all these pictures:

1.  Pregnancy makes me look shorter than I am.
2.  When I'm not pregnant, I look way skinnier than I feel...

I took John Paul and Cecilia to Mass and found out just how much John Paul actually listens to the homily...  Father was preaching against contraception, and he pipes up, "Mom, what's contraception???"
"I'll tell you after Mass."
"But what IS it???"
"It's when someone puts chemicals into their body to try not to get pregnant." (not exactly, but just trying to get him quiet)
"I would make that against the rules!"

And thankfully that was as much of the conversation as we had to have...  Not ready to go there with an almost-five-year-old!  Thankfully Cecilia just sat quietly and snuggled me for most of Mass.  She DID want to know why the babies weren't coming, so I promised her that next week we'd all go to Mass together.  I think we might finally be ready, since the babies are less crazy than they used to be and John Paul and Cecilia are (mostly) better-behaved.  Pray for us?

John Paul went up with me to receive communion and, as always, tried to receive, but didn't freak out when I pulled him away, and just loudly whispered, "I received Jesus in my heart!"

So there's that, too!

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