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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Cecilia begs to hold Peter ALL THE TIME now that she has reached the ripe old age of 4 (two weeks ago).  And she's supremely confident in her skills, attempting to carry him around the house and adjust his position constantly.  She's actually getting quite good at it!  I might enlist her to help me out by holding him while I make dinner...


In 10 minutes!  Or less if you're lazy and don't bother pinning, like me...

THIS.  This is the easiest sewing project you will ever do.  And I hope you have daughters, or nieces, or neighbor girls that you can give these skirts to, because you'll want to make a whole pile of them once you make one!

I came across this pin a while back and new I had to do it for the girls - they're BIG fans of elastic-waist jersey skirts, but I had a problem...

1.  Jersey skirts aren't always easy to find (especially in colder months)


2.  It seemed ridiculous to pay $5-$10 for something so tiny and insubstantial!

I didn't want to make them from scratch, because I don't like the look of unfinished jersey and I didn't want to hem it...  So this was perfect!

I picked up some $2 shirts at Goodwill (and have since added some of mine that don't get worn to the pile) and started whipping up skirts.  No sweat!

Click this link for a full tutorial, but basically you just chop off the bottom of the shirt, fold over the raw edge to make a waist band, and add 3/4" elastic (you may as well just buy a giant roll of elastic, you're going to use it ALL the time!).  See how happy Mary Claire is in her new skirt?

As an added benefit, it fits great over those cloth diapers, which is more than I can say for most clothing!


Take a picture of one twin, you HAVE to take a picture of the other!


This is Mary Claire's default expression - she cracks me up, so serious all the time!

The skirt is a little long - generally I like little girl skirts to be above-the-knee, but she'll grow into it!

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