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Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm super behind on my photos, so I'm just going to unapologetically subject you to old Valentine's pictures and my outfit from last week.

I wasn't going to do ANYTHING for Valentine's Day because I was exhausted and I didn't think the kids would remember...  But then all of a sudden Cecilia came out of her room in a heart dress and they remembered.  So I got out the construction paper, cut a bunch of hearts, and let them glue them to cards.


Well, first John Paul had to work on his self-imposed project...  Copying the periodic table.

Just your everyday, average 5.5-year-old boy here...

Anyway, I got the things out for John Paul and Cecilia and thankfully the twins were quietly occupied somewhere else.  But then...  Their craft radar got turned on and they invaded!!!

And then I remembered that they're 2...  And might actually be able to participate?

They actually did surprisingly well!  There was NO attempted ingestion of glue sticks, and very little glue on the hands and NONE On the clothes!

Mary Claire has apparently been assigned yellow as a favorite color, since it hasn't been taken by anyone else.  For some reason she's totally okay with this.

Elizabeth worked very hard gluing several pink hearts to her pink card.

And John Paul remembered how we made pop-up cards last year, and proceeded to make them for some of the boys in his Atrium...

And ended up copying the phrase from the one conversation heart he got to eat this Valentine's Day.  So you know, random 4-year-old boy in his Catechesis of the Good Shepherd class...  "Only You."

And while I'm being random...  This.  Cecilia's drawing a princess.  John Paul's drawing "nanotechnology."

Yet again.  Him: Math.  Her: Princess.

I swear I do nothing to encourage these ridiculous gender stereotypes!  If it makes you feel any better, Cecilia's starting to be really interested in math, too!

And because I don't know if I'll ever post these WIWS pictures if I don't do it now...  Here's a really wonderful face from John Paul.

And what I wore, along with a blurry Elizabeth.  But really, John Paul's striped blazer, plaid pants, argyle sweater vest, and argyle socks take the cake.  I can't compete!

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And I hope you'll come back tomorrow when Michele from My Domestic Monastery will be guest posting!

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