The Many Faces of Peter

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 You know that annoying thing that bloggers do when they have a new baby and they never take pictures of the other kids?

Yup.  Guilty.

In all fairness, he's the ONLY kid who doesn't start running for the camera the moment it comes out because he wants me to show him the picture (or "Tell a picture," as Mary Claire would say).

And so, due to the fact that he was the only one awake during naptime and was only happy when I was gazing at his face...  Here are a whole bunch of pictures with slight variations in facial expression!

He's starting to lose hair from the darned cradle cap (which is looking a LOT better), but he's still got enough for a little fountain on top of his head!  Not that I've tried...

I haven't put barrettes in his hair either...  I promise...

His eyes are, of course, blue.  Our kids' eyes don't change until really late - usually past 6 months, maybe even a year before they start turning?  Mary Claire's were still pretty blue until recently, but I think they might be turning hazel now.

He's been going through a growth spurt or SOMETHING for the past week.  It's exhausting.  But at least he sleeps fairly well at night?  Only up 2-3 times to nurse, and I'm actually getting up to nurse him because the little stinker doesn't like nursing in bed.

But he's also the first baby I've had who actually does that "gazing longingly into your eyes while nursing" thing, so I suppose I can forgive him for his faults.  One of which is actually rolling over from tummy to back.  Not that this is particularly early for that milestone, but he's had tummy time like...  5 times?  And went ahead and rolled over three times in a row the other day!  The legos won't be safe for long...

In conclusion, we all love him.  I think we'll keep him :)

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