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Sunday, August 16, 2015

After a long, long day yesterday (including a rather embarrassing but not totally disastrous vigil Mass with all 5 kids and only 2 adults), we're moved in and everybody (except Peter) has beds!

The kitchen is full of boxes while we figure out where to put everything - apparently I was overly optimistic in my estimations of space, because we're really going to need to figure out shelving for the bare walls in the kitchen SOON! 

In an attempt to get out of the way of the movers, we took a nice long nature walk and picked wildflowers, ate apples and peaches from our trees, and even found an egg shell!

John Paul has been naming various parts of the yard - this is one part of The Evergreen Path, which is full of tiny trees that will very likely serve as our Christmas trees for years to come. However, tramping through these waist-high trees leaves many a scratch on uncovered legs, and he has been warned to wear JEANS if he's going to continue this exploring. I probably need to get some for the girls, too - leggings only provide so much protection... I got some for myself when Twice was going out of business, and after wearing a pair for a day I was reminded why I stopped wearing pants... Ah well, if they keep me from picking up ticks, I can deal.

I ate breakfast on the porch while the kids were at Grandma's house (Hey, everybody's being obnoxious - who wants to go to Grandma's house???). Then a man drove by on a tractor. I love this :)

And I keep thinking about how cool it is that when our house was built in 1890, none of these other houses or power lines were around - how awesome it must have been to wake up every morning to see the sun rising behind the mountains! I'll trade an unobstructed view for the modern convenience of electricity, though :)

We have a bunch of these bushes around the yard, and a friend helped us figure out that they're Autumn Olive bushes - invasive, but edible! Maybe we'll try making preserves?

I was hoping this would be something tasty, but sadly it's just Bradford Pear, only edible for birds.

Much as I'd like to spend today resting, there's a lot to do with these boxes everywhere and kids who insist on opening them and dumping things like Epsom salts all over the floor... Plus Andrew has his last day of work tomorrow before he starts his new job next week. It's going to be a long Monday! Some day we'll rest :)

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