State of the Move (And Questions!)

Monday, August 3, 2015

The countdown is here... We *might* be moving this weekend. Or maybe not until the next one. Either way, it's soon!

Here's what's happening... And because I have approximately ZERO eye for design or anything, I need your help!

I've been looking at rugs and trying to figure something out for the living room and have maybe settled on this one? But is an indoor/outdoor rug actually okay for indoors? And would that work with our couches?  Is it too awkwardly patriotic? You can see their color below:

There are piles of boxes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. This actually kept the kids occupied for quite a while a couple weeks ago when we started packing, but mostly now I just keep finding tape all over the house.

There are NOT piles of *packed* boxes anywhere, thanks to Andrew taking a couple loads out to the new house already! This is a VERY good thing, because the kids kept climbing the boxes/using them as thrones/breaking them. So now I don't have to worry about anybody tipping a stack over and getting crushed!

And the big kids are reasonably helpful when it comes to loading up the car for the trips out there. Problem is, they're not actually very strong, so their desire to help outweighs their usefulness.

Of course, sometimes you just find a really cool screwdriver and can't be expected to help anymore.

How exactly does one childproof a wood stove? And also, what color would you paint the downstairs? There's a fair amount of peeling/crayon marks/general wear and tear, so we're going to *have* to paint, but the current yellow of the dining area is too bright for me.

Although I like the blue in the living room... But I think I want the same color throughout the downstairs? 

Luckily my sister reminded me that Emily wrote a post on picking paint colors not too long ago! So Andrew's off to get many a paint sample, and we'll see where that takes us. I'll keep you updated!

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