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Thursday, August 6, 2015

First, in case you want to see something *actual* that I wrote, you can click over to Shoved to Them for this post:

Please help me remember that their strong-willed tempers will keep them from caving into peer pressure when they’re older. Even though it’s what makes me contemplate day drinking every single morning.
If they’re going to pee on the floor, please let it be on the bathroom tile instead of the rug.
Jesus, I know everyone says the outdoors is nature’s bathroom… But if they’re going to pee in the grass, please make sure that the neighbors aren’t watching this time?
Or if you want to read more of my fashion musings, you can check out my thoughts on Summer to Fall Transition Pieces at Fine Linen & Purple.

And I didn't write this piece, but it's hilarious and so true and exactly spot on! Maternity clothes... Ridiculous.
Meanwhile at home, I'm hoping we're at the tail end of a stomach bug/food poisoning incident... Thankfully it's only hit two of the kids, but it definitely hasn't been fun. Yikes. 

"You're my little boat!"
"I'm NOT your little boat! I'm a PUPPY!"

Either way, I'm not sure they understand how boats OR puppies work.

"I'm a baby swan! And I'm called a cygnet! And I'm cuttin' up my swan paper!"

In other news, I think I've figured out why I keep finding paper in Peter's diapers...

(And no, she generally doesn't get to use scissors because there was a hair cutting incident a while ago... But I was cleaning up Mary Claire's puke and she was being quiet, so I let it slide.)

This is *also* why Peter keeps finding paper to eat. They just take it upon themselves to do "crafts" all over the house - in this case he traced a crossword puzzle and mounted it to the back of a granola box. Process art?

"Mom! Do you want to buy me this mermaid costume?"
"No, because it's $70..."

"Mom, I don't think that's a *real* family of pirates, because they just have wood swords, not real swords."

Thank you, random Halloween costume company, for the hours of entertainment yesterday.

Peter's so mobile now, and he's totally one of the gang. On the one hand it's adorable because they all play together so well! On the other hand it's obnoxious, because he refuses to sleep while they're all napping and is so BORED because he just wants his siblings to play with!

Of course, there's still a fair amount of "Babyzilla" action going on, and we get a lot of "NOT PETER!!!" or "PETER'S TRYING TO GET ME!!!" from Elizabeth. She tends to forget that she can walk or run away, while he crawls slowly at best...

Ultimately they decided that they'd share little bits of their lunch with him so that he'd stop trying to grab their plates. Problem solving at its finest!

I gave Peter a rather terrible "hair cut" the other day because the front was scraggly and getting in his eyes. Well, now it's not getting in his eyes!

Meanwhile, he's proving himself to be the slowest teether ever - weeks of fussiness and drooling and I can *see* his top teeth ready to come in... But they just WILL NOT DO IT!

Suddenly the twins are looking a lot less round and toddler-ish and a whole lot more preschool-ish. At the same time, they're acting a whole lot less reckless and crazy. Still fairly crazy, just less crazy than before. I'm hoping it lasts.

After much input from super-helpful friends on Facebook and commenting on my last post, I came home from Lowe's last night with these two paint samples, ready for Andrew to paint some swatches in the new house so we can decide what we want to go with.

"They're so DIFFERENT!" I told him.

"They look exactly the same."

Yes, well, in real life there's more of a difference. Either one will probably work, honestly... But since we're *definitely* not moving this weekend, we might have a chance to paint before we actually move in! Trying to look at this as a plus, because I'm rather annoyed at having packed every single baking dish and now not being able to get to them for an extra week! Guess I'll have to bake some cookies instead of brownies...

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